Rae Morris 'reports of tears in the audience caused simply by a piano and her raw and powerful voice'
Rae Morris 'reports of tears in the audience caused simply by a piano and her raw and powerful voice'

Rae Morris- talented new singer/songwriter

Rae Morris 'reports of tears in the audience caused simply by a piano and her raw and powerful voice'

In the age of reality television and talent shows galore, it seems like it is easier than ever to become famous or successful in the music industry. As these methods of breaking into the music business becomes the ever more prevalent and popular option amongst the majority, how can a teenage singer-songwriter who doesn’t want to sell her soul push herself through the barrier of success?

Rae Morris has been grafting and working unbelievably hard over the past year and a half around Blackpool and the North-West, and even managing to secure more than one gig in London’s Camden Town, renowned for its alternative culture and music scene. Finding the time to fit this alongside her college studies is a commendable achievement. Now she’s finished her full-time education, she’s looking to her future in search of where to go from here. Having been put forward by BBC Introducing, she now has the chance to perform at one of Britain’s biggest festivals, Reading and Leeds. Reading on the Sunday, Leeds the Friday

“Because it’s come through BBC Introducing, I feel like I’ve done it myself. About 6 months ago I started doing the show with Radio Lancashire and they heard the very early demos that I put on Myspace, and I’ve done it about 3 or 4 times now and they just recommended me. I just got an email through one day saying they want me to play both BBC Introducing stages.]. It’s amazing. I can’t wait.”

Morris has been recognised incredibly early for her talents on stage and off. Her live shows have said to have been a sight not to be missed, with reports of tears in the audience caused simply by a piano and her raw and powerful voice. “I think the live shows are everything with me at the moment. I had this big thing where for ages I wanted to do something, I wanted to perform. My dad kept trying to get me gigs to play, but I had no material. I did classical stuff but I hated it and didn’t want to play it to anyone live.” To anyone that has heard any of her material, it wouldn’t be a surprise that she has classical influences. The subtle but impressive instrumentals on piano along with her strong voice come through to create a booming orchestral sound to the listener. Despite her rejection of the genre, I suspect it’s a key part of her music without her necessarily realising. “Then I thought, ”Ëjust stop messing around, just do what comes out of you naturally’. That was it, I just wrote one song. That’s why live is so important to me because I’ve finally got some songs to play that really mean something to me. Live music is always going to be my focus and if, and when I get to do a record, I want it to capture that.”

Rae Morris has a maturity way beyond her age and has a rare passion and confidence for a girl so young. She seems to be set in a direction that’s heading to success, but perhaps she hasn’t found that ideal sound just yet. “I don’t think I’ve found it yet. When I’ve been speaking to labels that’s the one thing that’s been important to me because once you sign a deal the clock starts ticking and you have to have it done by a certain time. That’s scary for me because I’ve only been writing for a year and a half. I’ve not even written any of the songs that I’d want to be on the album yet because” I’m still growing.”

Morris recently signed a publishing deal with Universal, but this has all been down to her hard work over the past few months, “A lot of gigging got me that, like hardcore gigging in pubs and stuff. In my second year of college I just thought that I’d go for it. Then I started getting gigs all over Lancaster and Chorley. It’s about 3 times a week a lot of the time. I’ve got a really good Mum and Dad so they took me everywhere.” Having the support of family and friends during the early stage of a music career is cruicial for young performers and this isn’t any different for Rae. Having worked hard over the past year she’s finally getting what she deserves, recognition and praise for how she performs and for what a special and talented artist she is becoming.

As far as recorded material goes, we can be expecting Rae Morris to be making an impact soon enough, “I’ve been having to talk about it quite a lot because I’ve been having a lot of meetings with labels. My biggest fear is sounding bigheaded but I think there are quite a few labels interested. So over the next couple of months I hope to be signing a record deal.” By the tone of her voice and the way she talks about her support, she is keen to sign to a label and get some material down on record. It’s clear to anyone that certain artists, especially if you’re solo, need that extra push of a production team behind them in order to really capture the perfect sound that she wishes to convey.

Rae Morris has a delicate, unique sound with qualities to match and seems to be heading in exactly the right direction. Reading and Leeds is a big push towards her aspirations and leaves her heading out after summer with no studies to go back to, and into adult life. She’s at the beginning of her journey and her talent can take her wherever she likes. Being so young, we can’t expect too much of her too soon but be sure to watch out for an explosion as the spark grows from this small town in the North. Rae Morris is an artist with admirable commitment and if she continues to work as hard as she’s doing, we’ll be sure to hear more from her in the near future.

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  1. Great piece on an undoubtably talented young lady John. With Rae, Karima and Little Boots doing varing takes on the Female Singer Songwriter thing, Firebrand Indie Punk from The Locals and Next Stop Atlanta, the brilliant garage punknroll of The Senton Bombs and The Drop Out Wives, not to mention countless electronic acts, DJ’s and other bands, Blackpool’s music scene has never been in such rude health. Only a matter of time before these acts start to make a much bigger impact. The ‘under the town’ festival at Winter Gardens on Thursday September 1st showcases just a fraction of the talent in the town at the moment. And The Syndicate nightclub’s closed down! Good things this way will come. Once again, cracking article :)

  2. Quran (4:104) – “And be not weak hearted in pursuit of the enemy; if you suffer pain, then surely they (too) suffer pain as you suffer pain…”


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