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Press PicRadkey

Roadhouse, Manchester

15th October 2013

Live review of  explosive new punk band.

Oh yes!

We are back in the pit.

Back to the time when American hardcore really mattered. When bands like Black Flag , Minor Threat, Bad Brains and the Misfits stalked the earth, back too the time when the US appropriation  of British punk really mattered and the foundations to all modern rock were being laid out.

Live Radkey really deal out the noise and this is one special live band that ups the ante on what a punk rock band should be like live.

Radkey are rewriting the rule book and it’s time to sit up and take notice because the punk dinosaurs  could be made to look a bit sluggish by the energy and inventiveness of this great band.

Just when it seemed impossible for a thrilling, dynamic, tear it up, punk rock band to  ever get  allowed on BBC radio one they actually pulled it off- getting plays in the evening  indie zone is no mean feat and for three black kids, who are brothers,  from Missouri,  who mash up the ferocity of early Bad Brains / Black Flag and even that long lost, early trio of Detroit band, three black punk brothers, the amazing Death, with an added pop noise and the deep, dark vocals of Glen Danzig era Misfits it’s quite a coup.

We have been tracking the band for months, so it’s great to see them back in the UK where their live shows have been astonishing- a reaffirmation of the brinkmanship power of 80’s hardcore when it was great and before it slipped into a metalloid hell.

Radkey have the speed, they have the musicianship and they have the tunes and they have those  great, sonorous vocals. It’s powerfully effective and they could quite possibly be the best band in the world right now because, to be honest, there is a great new band appearing every day.

Live they really deliver it.

It’s thrilling to see this kind of stuff played with fire again.

They know their history and they have created a future. They have relit the fires of maximum rock ‘n’ roll.

If you like your punk rock or your music remotely alive we demand that you go and see Radkey.

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