Monday, January 18, 2021
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BBC Radio 4 documentary on Ian Brown this Saturday

Ian Brown documentary on BBC radio 4 on saturday

Why do you never hear rock music on the radio (or on TV)

It's a curious thing. The world's most consistently biggest groups, the ones who will always sell out the stadiums and influence countless generations of bands...

The Big Society – what the fuck is it?

Francis Maude, Tory bigwig, is put on the spot and asked about his contribution

Radio War! Properganda play their xmas anthems

Radio War! are now online... We will be making our own shows and also putting up all the great shows that are out there on...

Patti Smith on stage in conversation by John Robb (audio)

John Robb In conversation with Patti Smith on stage in Sheffield...




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Phill Reynolds: A Sudden Nowhere – album review

PHILL REYNOLDS A Sudden Nowhere Self-release LP | DL Out now   Italian folk singer Phill Reynolds releases his first...

Watch this! Rock legends AC/DC release Realize as new single

Brian Johnston’s hearing problems and the sad passing of Malcolm Young seemed to be...

INTERVIEW : Wardruna’s Einar Selvik gets in depth with John Robb

In this interview, Einar Selvik from Wardruna explains the concept of the band and the album and his deep bond with nature. 

Watch This! Pale Waves back with hot single Easy

A resurgent Pale Waves kick off 2021 with new single Easy, which made...

Nerve Quakes: Deprogram – album review

Nerve Quakes Deprogram Imminent Destruction Records LP | DL | Streaming Out Now An album of upbeat...