Radio show on the Death To Trad Rock UK underground scene…

When: Friday 25th Feb at 20.00 hrs (British time)
Where: Radio Free Stuttgart
How: Internet radio

What: Death to Trad Rock

in 2009 John Robb’s book Death to Trad Rock was published. John Robb was singer, guitarist and bass player with the band ‘The Membranes’. With bands such as ‘Bogshed’, ‘The Three Johns’ ‘A Witness’ and many more they belonged to what the music media loosely termed the Noisenick generation, a generation bored with traditional chart music who took the 1970s punk DIY ethos into the 1980s. His book is a creative index of the many bands of that contributed to this Death to Trad Rock scene.

On Friday night show I will playing music by some of the bands featured in the book. We’ll also be giving away a copy of the book and 7 inch single.


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