A Tribute & Brief Look Back At The Character Of Tony Soprano. R.I.P James Gandolfini.We were shocked and saddened with the passing of James Gandolfini so in tribute to the man here’s a quick look back at just some of the many sides of Tony Soprano,  a character he cultivated for over 7 years which & will no doubt go down as the greatest TV mob boss of modern times if not one of the greatest TV characters ever.

James Gandolfini also seemed a real cool guy, a man highly respected and much liked by the many people he worked with. At 51 Gandolfini had so much more to achieve acting wise. Going on the reaction, accolades and respect given out by his actor friends, colleagues and family as well as by the many fans of his work, especially The Sopranos, it is obvious he will be forever remembered and much missed.

It’s safe to say that the lovable, flawed, witty character he portrayed as family boss Tony Soprano set a new benchmark for mafia based drama. Gandolfini’s ‘Tony Soprano’ will perhaps go down as the greatest TV/Film crime boss of them all. It’s easily up there with both Pacino’s and De-niro’s epic mafia / crime character’s for instance.

So here’s our salute to a great man & a great character.

Soprano Dinner Time.

The Soprano’s family household sit down for dinner as Tony gets mad about the U’S’s lack of recognition for Italy’s culture and contribution to US living, why…probably because of the Italian FBI officer that came snooping round his house earlier that day which results in T ripping into him for not getting a proper job, like being a wise-guy.


Breaking Balls.

“Hows the boy”… piss taking supreme and all done very smoothly as Tony verbally mocks Mikey Palmice, until later on that is when he ends up stapling a parking ticket to Mikey’s chest…ouch! Along with Silvio, Pauli and Christopher busting balls he took up much of the shows script & no one spoke the lines better than Tony.


Were with the Vipers.

Getting a kick out of having someone else’s ill gotten gains was too much of a temptation for Tony. A top scene which sort of sees Tony Soprano reliving his youth all over again by initiating this mini heist with Christopher. A brief shoot out complete with nippy get-away and a laugh and chuckle back at Artie’s restaurant later on, you just cant help but laugh along with him, especially when he partly throw’s his arms up in mock horror and in that voice of his squeaks out ‘we’re with the vipers’. It makes you laugh every time.


T Shows Who’s Boss.

Keeping the work force in place and focused Mafioso style, complete with Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers playing in the background…its all about atmosphere and mannerisms, without saying hardly anything he says it all, a fantastic scene.


Suites You Sir.

Some good old mafia extortion going down as Tony goes for the Armani’s rather than the Ray-bans….nice choice T.


Tony The Animal Lover Working On His Anger-Management.

After discovering Angie was looking for more pay outs Tony goes over to deliver his calm but very blunt message on ‘piss taking’ only to expose his child like love for animals, a theme which ran right through The Sopranos. From feeding and looking after the ducks that landed in his pond, knocking Christopher around for sleeping on and killing his dog to actually killing Ralph for torching the stables and killing the pairs shared investment, the race horse ‘Pye o My’. It’s also a  scene which displays Gandolfini’s talent for not only expressing all the many sides to Tony’s characters but how smoothly and naturally he switched between them all.


A Tribute & Brief Look Back At The Character Of Tony Soprano. R.I.P James Gandolfini.

And lastly a wonderful in-depth interview with the man himself from ‘Inside The Actors Studio’.

R.I.P James Gandolfini.

 All words by Carl Stanley. More writing by him can be found on Louder Than War in Carl’s author’s archive.
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