R.I.P Bryn Merrick : bass player with The Damned 1983/89


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7 comments on “R.I.P Bryn Merrick : bass player with The Damned 1983/89”

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  1. Bryn was a real gent, a genuinely lovely bloke, & a dab hand on a bass guitar. I’ll never forget his hospitality backstage at Finsbury Park in 86, so down to Earth that he really made you feel like one of the family.

    R.I.P., fella.

  2. RIP sir. You were involved in a couple of pretty good LPs.

  3. Very sad news indeed. But: not a very good picture with this article. In the middle we see Paul Grey. Bryn is on the left, only half of him. Don’t you have a better pic of Bryn?

  4. RIP Bryn . My first ever gig was The Damned at Ritzy’s Cardiff back in 1986 , my favourite line up :-(

  5. A sad day indeed, I have seen the Damned more times to remember and with Bryn on a number of occasions, he was a great bass player and cracking bloke. R.I.Punk Bryn

  6. Real bad news. Heard of Bryns death last night. A very good bass player, i’d seen several times. R.I.P fella !

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