Queens Of The Stone Age: Belfast Belsonic Festival – Iive reviewQueens Of The Stone Age,

Belfast Belsonic Festival,

20th August 2014

Long-established desert rockers Queens of the Stone Age entertain Northern Ireland’s Belsonic Festival. Louder Than War’s Dermot Campbell was there to see them in action.

It’s getting towards the end of the Summer, and I was feeling quite melancholy going to the gig as I could feel the nights beginning to draw in. Custom House Square in Belfast is a wonderful place to play, an open paved square surrounded by designer and chic apartment blocks. Ironically Chic had played the night before.

Brody Dalle was already onstage playing. I last saw her in Sourpuss support Hole in Melbourne in January 1995. Hopefully there were no Rancid fans in the audience tonight! After a short interlude with the Ramones hitting our ears through the PA, Queens Of The Stone Age appeared at about 9.30pm to blast peoples ears off. Custom House Square was probably rocked to its foundations as in the early 20 th century this was where the soap box orators came .

They opened up with ‘You Think I Ain’t Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire’, and then straight into, ‘No One Knows’, this got everybody dancing around, as I suppose this is the song that most average punters know best. Josh Homme’s behaviour appeared to be attracting a lot of fans in the aforementioned apartment block who stood on their balconies watching. Mr Homme appeared to be more interested in a dog in the apartment block, which was dutifully held up for Josh to swoon over. For animal lovers I think it was a King Charles Spaniel. Josh certainly likes to throw the expletives about, as every song was peppered with them. They shredded on through songs like ‘I Sat By The Ocean’, ‘If I Had A Tail’. Off for a quick rest, then back out for ‘Little Sister’ and ‘Fairweather Friends’. I thought Mrs Homme might have come onto the stage to sing but alas not. Josh said his goodbyes to the crowd and to the dog. For most that was probably a fantastic way for the winding down of Summer. I must admit I was quite impressed, though I would love to have seen the Queens Of The Stone Age with the Cramps support them as they did in the U.S.A. About 11 years ago.


You can find more from Queens Of The Stone Age on their personal website here. They’re also on Facebook and they tweet as @qotsa.

All words by Dermot Campbell. More from Dermot can be found at his Author Archive.

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