we mean it ma'am etc.
we mean it ma'am etc.

HM The Queen 2012 jubilee – Which bands are playing?

Remember when pop music was all folk devils and the establishment was something you at least pretended to be anti?

It’s become a tried and trusted root – big money, big country mansions, MBEs and loss of inspiration. Grovelling for knighthoods is so unbecoming and the list of who turned down their MBEs is quite inspirational.

The government today has announced plans The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012, including an official Jubilee Weekend on 2nd-5th June, so there is yet another Jubilee for The Queen and a big celebration is being forced onto us, her humble serfs.

There is slavering speculation on who is going to play for her this time, I mean what could scale the heights of Brian May soloing on the roof?

We think by then John Lydon will have his MBE and could be tbe compete which will only leave Morrissey lefhead the uninvited…

Which rubbish old rock stars do you reckon will be kow-towing to the royals? Comments please!


  1. Never mind rubbish old rock stars, what about these new ones? Choose from any of the following: Muse. Florence + The Machine. Arctic Monkeys. Biffy Clyro. Scouting For Girls. Kaiser Chiefs. Wombats (I could go on)… with Status Quo, Rod Stewart and Sir Paul McCartney headlining, obviously!


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