Queen Zee photo by Steve Hampson

Queen Zee photo by Steve Hampson
Queen Zee
24 Kitchen Street, Liverpool
Thursday 13th December 2018

Now much has been said of Queen Zee including that quote from Iggy Pop,”They’re strange people from Liverpool. I don’t wanna say they’re dirty, they look a little weird, but they rock like crazy“. In their relatively short life this band has made a big noise and deservedly got a lot of attention for all the right reasons! Martin Mathews goes in search of his favourite new band as they play their debut album in full ahead of their launch night on February 8th 2019.

I became aware of the band through a friend who is a huge fan of the band and this led to my appearance in the music video for their single “Sass or Die” as well as a performance onstage at Liverpool Pride with them and I have to admit to becoming something of a fanboy from then on which is rather unusual given that my taste in music is ordinarily pure pop.

Did I know what to expect from the gig? Was I prepared for it? No not really but I fully expected a wild night with a whole lot of energy and that is exactly what Queen Zee delivered and then some.

Queen Zee 1 photo by Steve Hampson
The gig itself was a sell out which is unsurprising give the bands well deserved cult following, their positive message of love, acceptance and inclusivity for all as well as their use of social media and reputation in the music industry.

The support acts Munkey Junkey, Zand and Piss Kitti got everyone warmed up and by the time Queen Zee took to the stage the excitement and anticipation in the venue was palpable and then the party really got started!

As this was an album launch the band romped through the ten killer tracks with such ferocious abandonment that it is apparent that they are hugely proud of this album. The audience went wild responding to the songs which has some familiar singles like “Sissy Fists” and “Idle Crown” and others less so, but all sounded great. This is set to be a very strong debut album. My personal favourite was “I hate your new boyfriend” but there wasn’t a song I didn’t enjoy or that didn’t work or receive a rapturous response from the audience.

Queen Zee photo by Steve Hampson
The bands energy was infectious and they were literally all over the stage climbing on top of speakers, stage diving and singing from within the crowd, they had the whole audience jumping, dancing, singing and screaming along the whole way through the show. Queen Zee briefly left the stage before returning with an encore of “sass or die”, “sabotage” (a beastie boys cover) before finishing with “fly the pink flag”.

Queen Zee are most definitely on the cusp of something huge and well deserved, this was apparent to anyone who was there for this very special gig. Big, Big things await this band.

Set List:

Lucy Fur
Sissy Fits
Idle Crown
Victim Age
Hunger Pains
I hate your new boyfriend

Sass or Die
Fly the pink flag

You can find Queen Zee on Facebook and Twitter.

Words by Martin Mathews, you can find more at his Author profile and he tweets here

Photos by Steve Hampson, more work can be viewed on his website here and on Twitter where he tweets as @rangerpeg.

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