The Cornelius Crane: The Cornelius Crane – ep review

The Cornelius Crane: The Cornelius Crane (Stereokill Recordings)


Out 17th June

Producing something precise, beautiful and timely Manchester’s Americana / Alt-Rock inspired collective The Cornelius Crane follow-up last winter’s wonderful ‘E.P Two’ with their new eponumously titled E.P.

With west coast/alt rock influences incorporated and played with a real understanding and authenticity the group still leave enough space and time for their own touches. The slide guitars, mouth organs and bluesy rhythms – it’s all there but among the Americana there’s also some thing also quite British and free about it all, with groups like Pink Floyd or The Kinks coming to mind.

Opening with the breezy ‘The Needle and the Gun” whose beauty, emotive sway and west coast ambiance is undeniable. The fantastic production heightens the song’s chorus such that it just sweeps you away. Throughout the E.P. the combination of Wilson, Dan Adams and Mark Adams harmonising provide blessed moments.

‘They Talk in Circles’ digs deep into those American inspirations & hits you again in that sweet spot with its rich bluesy rhythm as Wilson’s beautiful, worn-down vocal comes across soulful and moving. Listening to a group who can mix that authenticity with their own style and own ideas is always engaging & it’s demonstrated again in the dark cynicism of ‘Silver Tongue of an Actor’, the EP’s ‘twist in the tail’ last track ‘The Difference Between You And Me’ which has been wonderfully described as ‘if Joe Meek produced a country record and mixed it with a bit of prog-rock it would have sounded like this’.

As recently noted in these pages a new collection of west coast inspired groups are coming through in the UK now, we’ve already had both mod and psychedelia inspire a stack of new groups so why not a return to the sound of the west coast and Americana. It

Cornelius Crane’s new E.P is an inspirational release in itself and one you’ll love with on the first spin.

Tour dates:
July 12 – MRO Black Rooms / Ducie Bridge Manchester with Ian McNabb
September 13-15 – Ramsbottom Festival
September – 21 – Cavfest Manchester

You can buy the new Cornelius Crane E.P via the Amazon widget on the right – if you can’t see it turn those as blockers off!

The band’s website is HERE and they’re on Facebook HERE & Myspace HERE.

All words by Carl Stanley. More writing by Carl on Louder Than War can be found HERE.

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