QELD: 28 Draws Later – single reviewQELD – 28 Draws Later (Self-Released)

Released Oct 2013

Fresh off the microphones and MPC comes the single 28 Draws Later from Bristolian, left-wing Hip-Hop duo QELD. Check out the video below.

It’s one hell of a hard-hitter, this … a soulful boom-bap, mixed with sharp flows and lyrics that dip into Libertarian, Communist and Anarchist ideologies.

For starters, it’s great to hear that rebellious and reactionary Hip-Hop is still alive and sincere-sounding on the underground scene with lyrics such as:

“Fucking Thatcherite cunts/ You guys are the reason/ I have to fight scum.”

Secondly, it’s even better when a track manages to be reactionary and rebellious and actually has a point:

“No pasaran/ But you’re eager to let ‘em pass/ Grown ass man/ in a ‘V for Vendetta mask”.

In addition to the enemies of the right, the bars address the many posers, talkers and wannabe-bad men of the left who claim to make a difference.

The main point here is the lack of decent activism, something of which 28 Draws Later expresses a fair amount of scepticism towards and attacks with great ferociousness.



More of QELD’s music can be found here HERE. QELD are also on Facebook HERE & Tweet as @theqeld.

All words by Andy Carrington. More writing by Andy can be found at his author archive. Be sure to also check out his website too.


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