Purple Heart Parade


Echoing with the sounds of predecessors Spacemen 3, Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd and the Nuggets compilations Purple Heart Parade are back to their best psych blissed out songs with their new single and EP. 

Having had a break from releasing material Sept 2018 see’s the full releases of the bands next EP entitled Lonestar.

The first track lifted from the EP is Mission Hills. With swirling, haunting guitars, rock solid thumping bass lines, echoing vocals going through the speakers with a hypnotic rhythm section this makes for tantalising listening. Imagine Blue Jay Way with a further hit of blues, mixed in with tinges of Slowdive and your halfway there.

It’s easy to hear the heart that has not only gone into each note but that encapsulates the bands entire ethos, none more than in this. This stylish shoegaze/psychedelic track is about emotional distance in a relationship but also the loss of a close friend, a victim of the tragic Manchester Arena attack. It’s obvious here that the band don’t just capture the sound of their hometown but also carry a part of it with them in a very personal way.


The single and EP can be purchased via the bands website. You can follow the band on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

All words by Matt Mead. Further articles by Matt can be found at the Louder Than War author archive pages.


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