Purple Heart Parade

Live ReviewPurple Heart Parade : Live Review

The five of them; Ryan and Sam on guitars, Ste on bass, drums Tom, and Pete
in spotlight and vocals.

The crowd were gathered to see the main headline, standing back from the
stage, clutching their beers and talking. Then PHP started up, the drones, the repetitive melodies and Pete’s singing started.

The talking hushed and the purple and pink lighting gave the atmosphere the
band deserved.

This was only their 8th gig, but it didn’t show, Pete leapt about the stage,
a cross between Bobby Gillespie and a puppet who’d recently lost his strings and was excitedly able to dance and crouch and hop and hide.

The songs had real depth, nothing seem rushed. the band obviously have practiced their skills
before displaying them to the world.

Conducting the gig with a performance that you couldn’t take your eyes off,
“I could hear myself better under the stage” said Pete afterwards.Purple Heart Parade : Live Review

With obvious influences firmly set in a psychedelic time… creepings of
Dylan, Spiritualized, and underground rock bands give the all over effect of NOW. Not harping back, but instead taking the best from then, adding it to their own like one would an old family recipe.

There new single “The Room” is available to download free
This is how they ended. Cast still in purple light, the band are one to
watch out and listen in for.

Purple Heart Parade : Live Review SET LIST
Painting Pictures,
Starfucker Blues,
Spirit World,
Cherry Juice,
Lies & kites
The Room.

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  1. I agree , superb cosmik assalt – here’s why you must see them at the Castle Manchester on 7/7 …httpss://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7iFdnoHexI
    with this psch sensation …httpss://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AD_Q8M3q7e0


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