Manchester Ritz
April 18 2011

”ËœStick with us, we may just make it’. is Puressence frontman James Mudrizcki parting comment to a packed Manchester Ritz.

In one phrase he sums up the band’s predicament perfectly. Every time you go to a Puressence gig everyone comes up asks the same thing, ”Ëœhow come these haven’t made it yet?’ whilst failing to notice the band selling out all of Manchester’s biggest venues. They may not be U2, they may not be Elbow but they have a rabidly loyal crowd and are perhaps the purest Manchester band there is

Later on bassman Kevin Matthews points out that the band have been going twenty years and we nod our heads like old troupers. I can remember them rehearsing in the Boardwalk- that legendary space where the Happy Mondays, ACR and my band the Membranes would make various types of rackets.

Puressence were just young kids from Failsworth but even then they sounded like the finished article. They had the same rudiments of sound that they still have- the rock solid rhythm section with those bass heavy bass lines, that effects laden guitar and James’s remarkable voice, a man with the ”Ëœvoice of a brickie who sings like an angel’ as I once typed.

I produced their first single ”ËœOffshore’ and expected them to be massive. It hasn’t happened yet but the people who understand this sort of stuff are touched by the band’s beauty, the rare beauty that lies in the heart of this music and that’s the rub. Being northerners they would deny beauty at every turn, we don’t talk about that kind of stuff up here y’know! But fuck, can we sing about it! When Puressence let fly and especially on a brace of great new songs, they really let fly,.

The band build up one of those smartly, intelligent backdrops of almost ambient rock and James just lets go, his voice taking him over and going off at tangents- never wasteful and never indulgent- it’s a powerful tool, one of the great voices, a real gift. The audience are entranced, melting into the spectral sound.

This is the real sound of Manchester- just like the Chameleons or the early Roses– those fluid rock bands with imaginative guitar players and charismatic singers building soundscapes- this is the very core of Manchester that has nothing to do with fashion or the much edited lineage that dominates the city’s narrative.

Puressence are far too honest, far too real, far too much lost in the music to play the game. They actually just get up on stage and play and see what comes out and are probably just as astonished as everyone else at what DOES come out. This heartfelt honesty turned into molten theatrical melodies and rousing songs has its own trajectory, its own rules.

And North Manchester turned out in force for this, the less student end of the city does loyal and Puressence reciprocate. These fans support a band like a football team and this football team appreciated that.

Triumphant as ever Puressence leave the stage and that astonishing voice is left ringing in our ears. They remain dignified, unbowed and unbeaten and still capable of beauty and genius- they have ‘made it’ a million times over- far better to be left to make music this invigorating than to be compromised into a million selling bunch of robots.

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Award winning journalist and boss of Louder Than War. In a 30 year music writing career, John was the first to write about bands such as Stone Roses and Nirvana and has several best selling music books to his name. He constantly tours the world with Goldblade and the Membranes playing gigs or doing spoken word and speaking at music conferences.


  1. I’ve seen Puressence upwards of 20 times and last night was special even by their high standards. Legendary gig.

    James’ voice is like Fergal Sharkey singing with a crash helmet on whilst cycling down a steep cobbled street on a Raleigh Chopper. Remarkable voice. Remarkable band.

    • Had the pleasure of supporting Puressence in Beijing, back in the UK so went to check them out at the Ritz. Excellent gig reinforced by the great fan base.Keep on keeping on.

  2. That is one of the best reviews of a gig and a band i have read, i would like to add that we have watched Puressence since the early days, playing Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Nottingham etc in front of small crowds and seen them in Manchester at the Apollo, the Town Hall, the Academy, The Ritz, and i have never seen them perform badly.
    What a joy it has been to follow this band, as usual they were brilliant on Thursday, always superb value for money, we will continue to support them.

  3. It was indeed a special night, If you were there chec my pro SLR photos @ httpss://www.flickr.com/photos/strangelove20/

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