Punks Against Cancer in Wollaton – report

Punks Against Cancer
Sunday July 7th 2013

Any punk hairdressing event that draws not only the likes of Mitzi Gaunt, Lisa Mansour and Ryan Trioxin but also Ian Iplod and the living legend that is Screaming Carrot has got to be a good thing. Plus of course lots of cash raised for charity and a follow up gig in Derby at the weekend. Kudos all round folks.

Deer aren’t the only things with spikes on their heads in Wollaton.

As the clock stuck 6am and the blistering sun crawled sluggishly into the sky of Sunday 7th July, the punks at Mitzi Gaunt’s hair salon in Wollaton, Nottingham were stirring and the singing of Drongos for Europe songs resonated throughout the house.

Mitzi Gaunt, who was the brains behind this entire operation was ready for action and was soon putting the final touches to an offensive against cancer that had been months in the planning. The rest of the troops were soon on parade with Mohicans and spikes standing to attention, boots laced and ripped band t-shirts pulled on.

Punks Against Cancer in Wollaton – report

By 8:40am the first customer was through the door and this  benefit was up and running. A team consisting of hair dressers: Mitzi Gaunt and Lisa Mansour with a little help for enthusiastic amateurs Ryan Trioxin and Polish Mike soon had the saloon and street outside overflowing with punk hair cuts in every colour of the rainbow. Mitzi lead her punk troops into battle from the front, becoming superhuman, as soon as one person was out of the chair it was filled almost immediately. The sound of electric clippers, scissors and shower heads were drowned out by the choice cuts of punk rock being played by Andy Gaunt.

Punks Against Cancer in Wollaton – report

Wollaton hadn’t seen such an impressive spectacular before as a troupe of punks sat out in the scorching sun waiting their turn to be clipped, dyed and spiked. This said everyone was welcome and local OAP’s took advantage of the free tea and cakes on offer in the pleasant environment.

The event soon turned into a punx picnic with vegetarian and vegan food being cook by Zennon, Ian Iplod, Tina, Cathy and Screaming Carrot, beer drank and music played including an acoustic set by ESO. The entire day’s proceedings were photographed by Holly Monroe who ended up with the biggest chaos spikes I have ever seen.

Punks Against Cancer in Wollaton – report

By 6:30pm the last of the customers were examining their new hair in the mirror with glee and Mitzi and Lisa could take a well earned break by heading to the Goldblade gig at Foremans bar in the city centre. It can be said with certainty that all who attended thoroughly enjoyed the day and can stand proud of helping such a worthy cause.

At the point of writing the cash raised for Punks Against Cancer who will donate every penny to Macmillan Nurses is over £600 and there is still more to come. The whole event is working towards the Punk Against Cancer gig at the Hairy Dog Venue in Derby on the 13th July which is being organised by Darren Aero Glossop. The punk community has not only shown yet again that it is alive and kicking but kicking back against cancer.

Punks Against Cancer in Wollaton – report

All words by Mike Shaw. Photographs by Helen Monroe.

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