Punk Still Dead! One Direction Launch Ramones Style ArtworkOne is a dysfunctional boy band who don’t all play on their records and the other is, er…well there are a lot of differences between The Ramones and One Direction but with this T shirt someone thinks the two bands are somehow closer  in spirit than we give them credit for…

The appropriation of the symbols of punk rock culture to make the lightweight seem heavyweight  continues…

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  1. It’s just another bit of artwork co opted by the mainstream.
    On one hand we celebrate how punk has subverted art and even changed the look of the high street.
    We take a great deal of pride in how the initial blasts seismic impact is still felt today.
    Yet on the other we get our knickers in a twist at a boy band jumping on the artistic bandwagon.
    It’s not as if the seal logo hasn’t been used before in a similar fashion either.
    So is this honestly worth getting upset about?
    Can we have it both ways?
    We either take some pride in the ongoing influence punk has on the world, or we don’t.
    We don’t get to choose who it influences, or how.
    Very often those complaining about shit like this just appear to be bitching about losing a sense of ownership of punk.
    Get over it.
    It doesn’t belong to you, me, or anyone else for that matter.

  2. I think this is absolutely hilarious! Comical juxtaposition. Great visual gag and an amusing play on a classic image. The internet needs to grow a sense of humour.

  3. What’s the most punk thing 1direction can do? That’s right.
    Annoy a bunch of old people, into ancient music who mostly can’t get that their revolution, if it ever existed, is long gone. “They can’t play their instruments. They’re puppets. They’re just selling T shirts”. Remind you of anyone?
    And covering blondie/undertones? See above!

  4. One Direction didn’t launch it. This isn’t official merchandise.

    I did research and this is where they seem to be coming from. httpss://www.redbubble.com/people/quidditched

  5. Burn it ,it makes me feel sick how a couple of lip sinkers could compere them selfs to the biggest name in punk


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