Global Resistance Records to release series of punk 7 inch series to raise funds for hunt saboteurs

Global Resistance HSA benefit series

Global Resistance Records has announced a new series of nine 7 inch EPs that will raise money for the Hunt Saboteurs Association.  The link between the worlds of punk and hunt sabotage is long standing so it wasn’t difficult for GRR to assemble a bunch of bands who were more than willing to participate. £1 from each sale goes to the fox rescuers and each record will have 2 “front” covers so that those who purchase all 9 can assemble a composite picture – see pic. Already Chaz from GRR has been inundated with interest and is considering a subscription for the full set.  The bands featured are all current and well known and range from several with provenance going back to the early 80s to one formed last year: Liberty, Burnt Cross, Virus, The Domestics, Cress, Armoured Flu Unit, Contempt, Oi Polloi and Anthrax.  Further info from

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