punk band of the day : The Dugz The Dugz are old school what you see is what you get, street noise with melodic hard and fast guitars and drum, street punk from Ayrshire in Scotland with a fiery female singer.


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The band are resolutely old school and go back to the roots of punk. They reformed ten years ago to cause more caustic, noisy trouble or as they say… ‘We hail from Ayrshire Scotland an’ take no prisoners, we have 10 albums and a few line up changes since refomin 10 yrs ago this yr…we now have Kaz on main box, Chris is still the drummer with Iain the original bass player back in the thunderous side of 4 stringz.. and myself, Dug, on lead guitar…’ The band dress is great old school punk clobber and cut a colourful dash and make no apologies about what they are… ‘Hard As Nailz’ is a song about punks an’ skinz.. just to reflect that we are one an’ should stand to gether.. we don’t do politics .. we’re just a punk band. Charlie Harper.. while on tour in Ireland came to the Defects studio to record on our last album ” SCOTTISH STREET PUNK ” He put his vocals to the backing on many songs and the main vocal on CAUGHT IN A WAR… which he said was so like the SUBS of the 70’s which is a great compliment for us… We get called the Scottish U.K.SUBS which is rumoured to have been started by Charlie himself… so that’s a massive compliment to us..’

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  1. have seen the DUGZ in a few forms and think this one is the best….they make nae excuses and take nae prisoners…PURE FUCKIN STREET PUNK…


  2. YAAAAASSSS ram dug is tha fuckin MAN in killie….fuck the charts its all poofy urban shite fur burds….SCOTTISH STREET PUNK WILL CONQER ALL……….HE IS A GOD TAE ALL YOU CUNTS…..RESPECT

  3. and the big chap jeffry ramsbottom also likes to big him self up by creating names and writing about hiself sad grow up

    • Seems you are one of the haters a jealous nobody with a worthless life who can’t wait to slate someone else’s dream creatihate and trying to destroy what you can’t have and never will
      You are a Cretin
      Ram is a great bloke always willing to help others .

  4. Yes ram is a good man. Good original punk bad that doesn’t sound like New punk shite like green day. He took me under his wing and I liked punk again

  5. Great band great blokes and John Anderson. You get rams black humour mixed up with the real man and has more talent than you
    Our big Steve Jones xx


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