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Transmission 5 Jodrell Bank

7the July 2013

We’ve already had reviews of Johnny Marr & New Order at Jodrell Bank on 7th July. Also on the same bill though were four other bands, Public Service Broadcasting, The Whip, Jake Evans, Hot Vestry, and in this review Alex Staszko rounds up their contributions to the day. Also included in this post are a great selection of photos mostly by Elspeth Moore (where so you can see her name embedded in the pics) with a couple by Alex.

This is the latest in a series of concerts at Jodrell Bank Observatory in Cheshire, home of the famous Lovell Radio Telescope. The sight of the huge telescope when you first arrive on site is astounding as it’s enormous & the small site is also very well laid out. There’s even a science park for people to look at if the music is not to their liking.

First band on at 3:30 are Macclesfield’s Hot Vestry. They’re only 18, but have already played over 130 gigs, & it shows as they’re tight and have an immense amount of energy. Playing against a background of the sleeve for their latest “Tell Me How It’s Done” EP projected on the big screen, they win the audience over straight away from their first song, Varnish. They remind me of many post punk bands; Magazine, The Cure, 1981 era Simple Minds – it’s a meld of spiky pop punk hooks and fine keyboard stabs. Singer Harry Ward isn’t scared to talk to the audience either & halfway through he wonders aloud “How many channels can you get on that?” whilst pointing to the giant dish to his right. There’s their own take on rave too with the song, C/O/L/O/U/R/S. A great start to the day, & a great new band about to gain a much larger audience.

Next up is Jake Evans, who was previously in Bad Lieutenant with Bernard Sumner & Phil Cunningham from New Order. Jake’s songs are better than the Bad Lieutenant material to my ears, & today’s gig is no exception. Starting with “Is This Life?” (which was a free download from his website about a year ago), which is really poppy & would make a fine single. Extremely catchy new song “Glorious” gets an airing halfway though & is reminiscent of Doves. There’s an LP due from Jake later in the year & I’m looking forward to it, anthems such as set closer, “Easy On My Soul” deserve to be heard by a larger audience.

The Whip is playing against the tennis on a giant screen somewhere in the corner. They win, with most of the crowd opting for their fine electro dance. From the opener “Keep Or Delete” they get the crowd dancing. Some tall madman appears in the audience hitting innocent punters over the head with a huge inflatable microphone in time with the music. I think it’s his “Secret Weapon”. They play one new song this afternoon, they’re currently playing 3 live in their longer sets, it’s a fine taster of what’s to come from their next LP (am I still allowed to call them LPs?) due early next year, hopefully of the calibre of, “Heat” & “Blackout” which get an airing tonight & fine set closer “Trash” which drives the audience bezerk.

Public Service Broadcasting are J. Willgoose, Esq & drummer, Wrigglesworth who play electronica & space rock over the top of samples from old public information films, & very fine it is too. Their festival stage set differs from their normal stage set in that the 30 odd TVs that are normally dotted around the stage to replay the images that normally accompany their set are missing & use instead is made of the large screen behind them. Their set melds well the samples from the films along with live banjo, synths & the aforementioned drums from Wrigglesworth. They’re both dressed in 1950’s garb and no words are spoken during their performance, but J. Willgoose, Esq does communicate with the audience by use of his sampler, also in a 1950’s stylee, “Hello… Jodrell Bank” he proclaims “…It’s Wonderful To Be Here”, it works very well, & has me in giggles every time he does it. The album “Inform – Educate – Entertain” has already been top 20 & after a summer of festival appearances will no doubt rise up the charts again. Catch them live before they get absolutely huge.

Hot Vestry’s new “Tell Me How It’s Done” EP is available now from Hot Vestry can also be found on Facebook, Twitter & Soundcloud. They also have their own website.

Jake Evans will have a single available soon, see for details. They’re also on Facebook, Twitter & Youtube.

The Whip’s website is here: They’re also on Facebook, Twitter & Soundcloud.

Public Service Broadcasting are on tour in August. Check out their website for details: PSB are also on Facebook, Twitter & Soundcloud.

All words by Alex Staszko and virtually all photos by Elspeth Moore. More writing by Alex on Louder Than War can be found at her author’s archive & more work by Elspeth can be found at hers.

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