Psycodeth: Church of Misery – ep review

Psycodeth – Church of Misery (Self Released)

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I first stumbled upon Psycodeth at The Railway Institute in Bangor earlier this year – they stopped us in our tracks [sic] – they were ace – criminally young to be making such a massive noise and they put a wide grin on our faces. How great to find a local band making a metal racket for a change… and I mean RACKET.

‘Church of Misery’ is Psycodeth’s first proper offering is a five track EP and even though it sounds like it was recorded in someone’s garage using an iPad, if you crank it up you get lost by being shot from all sides in a blitzkrieg of blast beats, guttural anger and panzer guitars.

The title track is probably my least favourite, or at least I’ll say, it’s a grower, despite using every cliché in the book of metal according to your Lamb of Slayer. Maybe they just had to get it out of their system…

‘Chains’ zips past the speed cameras on Rhyl promenade with the cops in hot pursuit – blast beats from a double bass drum, screaming chanting growling gurning fucking and rucking.

‘Octavia’, with its moody opening guitar that lurches up and down the riff-cage like some horror zyklon b-movie is my pick of the bunch. An off key vocal duelling with someone who sounds like a very angry Deek from Oi Polloi (is there any other kind of Deek?!) – it works well with an atypical solo that’s nestled nicely down in the mix.

‘Reborn’ kicks in with almost the same riff as Octavia and is almost sludge-grunge and as far from metal that this band will be – and it’s also a fucking monster of a song…

‘Lifeless’ wraps up this nifty little EP, smelling like eau de Bastions, before reeling off into a sweaty fringe tent at Download festival… the type where you walk in on a band you’ve never seen before and you’re compelled to watch… The crescendo is addictive, and 4.43 minutes is not enough… Excellent stuff…

This review was published by the rather fine Link2Wales webzine.

Grab the album from Psycodeth’s Bandcamp.

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