New proposed musician visa permit law to perform in U.K. is ‘draconian’ says LTWLTW says

‘This proposed new temporary work visa for European musicians coming to perform in the U.K. is an appalling restriction of musician rights. It’s unworkable, expensive and draconian and will be reciprocated for U.K. musicians trying to perform in Europe. We demand a better system before we lose our right to work and as a nation further lose valuable culture. ‘

I’m now on the board of musicians organisation Featured Artists Coalition (Official)  to fight these things. Musicians join now!

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  1. These reports about EU bands needing visas are all misguided and misinformed. As of Jan 2021 EU bands will need what US, Canadian, Japanese etc. bands need now. That’s paperwork they show at the border. They’d only need VISAS if they were working here long-term (the articles in the Independent, NME, IQ, Guardian etc. do not realise that very important fact). So, for tours, EU bands will either need Tier 5 CoS (visa-free for 3 months or less, cost starts at £21 per GROUP), PPE paperwork (cost: nothing), or an invitation from a permit-free festival (again, costs nothing). Ignore the scare stories. Visas are a separate matter – only acts who are working here longer than 3 months, or those from countries who’d need a visa before jumping on the flight anyway, need them.

    People need to understand the difference between those who need a work permission AND a visa (nightmare), and those who simply need the work permission paperwork (far simpler and cheaper). EU nationals will fall into the latter camp.

    So, for EU acts it shouldn’t be draconian at all (unless you consider the current routes for non-visa bands draconian).


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