Prince 2nd Show Doesn’t Happen- Fans Not Happy But People Who Bought Tickets Get In Free TonightThe second Prince show that was announced on stage and also tweeted by his people didn’t happen left some pretty pissed off fans last night/

But Prince’s people have now announced that anyone who paid £35 for the second show only to find they saw a 2 song encore will get in free for the whole show tonight. Check with venue first as this could be another rumour.

The Friday show had been brilliant but was marred by a mix up at the end of the night…

The  gig had been announced on stage and by Prince’s people on their twitter…

Louder Than War’s David Brown was at the show

‘I was at the Prince show. Security had told us they were working till 4 when we were queuing. Looks like they held back tickets, didn’t sell them all and used the “second gig” to get people in for the encore. The tweets from the manager and the venue posting on facebook and ticketline posting about the second gig both happened while the first set was on as people were talking about them and wondering how doors could be open while the first gig was still on. Prince said something about letting people outside in during the first set too. The encore lasted as long as the main set. A lot of pissed off people knocking about.’

“It was like he was charging people to watch his encore’ one fan told LTW.

‘The first gig was brilliant but it was very confusing afterwards’

‘It seemed like they had put a couple of hundred tickets on the door for the first show but no-one knew so they sold them at the end but the second gig didn’t happen’ said another.

Prince 2nd Show Doesn’t Happen- Fans Not Happy But People Who Bought Tickets Get In Free Tonight‘When I heard about the second set I drove 40 miles to catch it but was disappointed’ said another fan

All very confusing…

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  1. So… He played two shows. You don’t have to play an encore.

    Either way, it’s Prince. He’s been pulling stunts like this for years. You should be used to it

    even if he didn’t. He’s Prince. He was always a cock pulling stuff like this.

  2. prince’s PR team sure know how to create hype , if he had announce phones 4 u arena would have sold out ? bet it does now , if he can’t sell a 200 tickets last min in city with biggest student population in the country , you got ask questions


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