Prince Harry chooses wrong Stone Roses track at final royal engagementIt’s one of the great stories of our time.

With the planet in the middle of a climate crisis, Trump’s impeachment, endless wars, a whole continent on fire and many other tragic stories being bumped off the front pages by a family tiff.

Only it’s the royal family and they are superhuman.

It seems that one of the two princes’s – the one who doesn’t look much like his father – is in the middle of a controversy that, to be honest, we have managed to switch ourselves off from. The prince and his wife have retired from being royals and are moving to Canada and on his last royal engagement at a rugby league event the background music was the Stone Roses wonderful ‘This Is The One’.

The song includes the line, ‘I’d like to leave the country for a month of Sundays’, that some people have claimed is subtle a reference to the couple leaving.

What we wonder is why they didn’t choose another album track, ‘Elizabeth My Dear’, where the decidedly not very royalist at all Ian Brown describes shooting the queen…


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