Primitive Race – Industrial ‘super-group’ launch crowd funding – you get a paper bag!!

“We are a Primitive Race and now you can proudly display our human devolution! Meanwhile we’ll continue making the soundtrack.”

Primitive Race is a new new industrial project featuring Chris Vrenna, Luc Van Acker, Raymond Watts, Dave Ogilvie, Chris Kniker and more..

For those of you unaware of the individual names check out the various bands they have all been an integral part of; Chris Vrenna (Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson), Luc Van Acker (Revolting Cocks), Raymond Watts (Pig), Dave Ogilvie (Skinny Puppy), Chris Kniker and more.

The band are currently recording their first album but have now started an Indiegogo project to fund their merchandise, which is a novel twist on the usual crowd-funded approaches from bands.

Chris Vrenna said “Currently we are locked in studios worldwide working on our debut album! It’s a very exciting time for all of us. We have seven songs that are nearing completion. We need to write 3-5 more. This process has been unlike any I’ve ever been involved in. With 5 people (plus some more surprises) from at least 4 different countries and 2 continents it makes for an interesting journey. It’s a challenge because we’re not able to ‘jam’ out ideas in a traditional sense. But, it has its benefits because each bit, part, loop are heard fresh by each member. That allows the creative process to happen in a very organic, inspiring, and unique manner.

Nothing is more exciting than sending or receiving a YouSendit or WeTransfer. We’re all contributing to the puzzle that is Primitive Race. Sometimes the pieces fit perfectly. Sometimes they fit on something you didn’t intend them to. Sometimes they don’t work at all. It’s a lot of fun and all I can say is ‘soon’ we should have a snippet or two for you to sample.”

Primitive Race – Industrial ‘super-group’ launch crowd funding – you get a paper bag!!

In the meantime Primitive Race is offering the following items as funding incentives in an effort to raise $3000;

Pledge $1 – You get a personal tweet from the band.
Pledge $10 – You get a paper bag mask, numbered and autographed by at least 2 members
Pledge $25 – You get a personal phone call from Chris Kniker (from a blocked number) for a 30 minute chat.
Pledge $30 – You get a Primitive Race men’s Shirt or women’s shirt
Pledge $40 – You get a Primitive Race big men’s Shirt
Pledge $75 – You get to meet Chris Kniker at his favourite spot in Denver
Pledge $100 – You get to go to the ball-game with Chris Kniker

As of today, 30th May they have gained over half the target – should the full target be reached by Monday 3rd June, Primitive Race will post the first audio track online.

Any thoughts on this approach to funding? – Not all Primitive Race fans are approving with one commenting “Usually a band releases music and then the fans give the band money. This seems more like a hostage situation.”

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