She Makes War

She Makes WarWatch the new video from She Makes War, taken from her new album due out in April.

As the queen of gloom-pop Laura Kidd – She Makes War – prepares for the release of her new album Direction of Travel we bring you the first view of the video for Drown Me Out.

Taken from the new album this is an alt-rock influenced track with gothic undertones. It’s a deeper delve into the guitar-driven sound of previous work with dark lyrics of self-doubt and defiance.

Written, produced and mainly played by Laura the album features guest appearances from Tanya Donelly and Mark Chadwick as well as musicians including Clive Deamer, Andy Sutor, The McCarricks, Nicole Robson and Cajita.


Direction of Travel, the new album from She Makes War, is out on 8 April (digital) and April 29 (physical) on The state51 Conspiracy. Pre-order the album here.

Find She Makes War on her website, Twitter and Facebook.

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