12837585_10154655131013916_225421057_oLouder Than War are pleased to bring you an exclusive look at the new video from Brighton-based garage rockers Dirty White Fever, ‘Faultlines’. 

Dirty White Fever have it all. Their live show is a beautiful thing to behold with monstrously loud blues guitar, hip-hop break beats and searing vocal hooks, and they’ve managed to convey that very same feeling in their latest single, ‘Faultlines’. Reminiscent of ‘Raw Power’-era Stooges and two-piece Leeds legends Wet Nuns, these guys are a rock n’ roll phenomenon in its truest form.

According to singer and guitarist Dominic Knight, “the song is based on the old Native American proverb of ‘Only when the last tree has died we will realise that we cannot eat money’. It’s a reworking of that idea based on the current climate of environmental destruction and capitalist greed that is plaguing governments and societies the world over, pushing humanity to the brink of what could quite possibly be the very end.”

Never ones to shy away from making a statement, the song takes on the very top of our social ladder in full battle gear; painted head to toe in ancient Celtic runes with a war cry to match their fury.

Knight continues, “We are at a crucial point in our society where people need to stand up and be bothered by the corruption that surrounds us on all levels. Only when we choose to open our eyes collectively will we have a hope in saving what’s left.”

The psychedelic, subliminal visuals of their latest video add to the eeriness of the track, give it a watch here:


Keep up with all Dirty White Fever News on their Facebook and listen further on Soundcloud.

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