In the first of a special four part feature, Louder Than War are able to exclusively share the new video by  The Venus Lyx, three brothers with a ferocious live reputation and the songs to back it up.

Following up from their exceptional EP release in July, The Brothers Traylen are offering up something a little different with their new output. Presented in full stereo by City Muscle Recordings, ‘Bone Headed boy’ is the first of four songs The Venus Lyx will be releasing every week during the month of October 2015. Each song will be accompanied by a video filmed by the band, on Saturday 31 October, the full set will become available to download through the band’s website as an online-only package, ‘The Blackheath Skin Act’.

‘Bone Headed Boy’ follows on beautifully from the visual style of their previous videos with heavy use of strobes and a deep, striking contrast that feels almost claustrophobic. The nightmarish film accompanies what’s easily the bands most aggressive release yet with vocals that range from distorted screams to evil murmurs. Heavy, metallic guitars scratch and scrape to an industrial beat that drops out momentarily only to provide space for the tracks dark narrative.

When asked where their influence came from, frontman Dan Traylen informed us that…

“It tells the true story of Nicky Crane – skinhead barbarian, right-wing extremist and clandestine regular of London’s gay nightclub scene in the 1980s. A man of unfathomable violence and forbidden yearning, Crane died in 1993 of complications related to AIDS. This song is no paean, it is an observation of human behaviour at its most extreme”.

And read the lyrics here:

Busting out of dear Mummy

Growing up to be

Strong enough to lead

With a pathological creed.


Bone headed boy!

Six foot two annihilator

Armour-fisted revelator.


But he’s sleeping on his own most nights

I guess he must be feeling pretty bad.


And he’s facing hard time

He’s gonna get put away for a long while

Bloody hands that can’t be cleaned

No rain, but the thunder keeps on rolling.


Bone headed boy!

He’s a panzerfaust by nature

He’s the bastard son of Hatred

But I heard he’s got a little secret.


And all the other boys are talking

Said they’ve seen it in a magazine

Said they missed him at the demonstration

Said they don’t know who to believe

But he’s known from the very beginning

There’s not a woman that could water the well

And he knows there’s not a lot in being called ‘soft’

And he knows he’s been E.V.I.L.


So he’s trying to stay close to Heaven

Says he’s the fucking doorman

But bone headed boy’s a dead man walking.

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