Think Beat poetry with even more blast, John Cooper Clarke meets an even more jilted generation. Then ramped up with electronica and turned up – LOUD. That’s the work of STOCKSNSKINS, a duo from Bournemouth who combine blistering electronic beats with pulsing poetry and vocal overlays. Recently signed to AnalogueTrash records, their debut EP ‘Them Today’ is set to be released on 25 May.

You may think that performance poetry is quickly becoming an over-fraught arena, awash with open-mics and repetition. But STOCKSNSKINS provide something seriously different, with a driving musical element which will have you hooked.

Ade on vocals and Rich on bass have created a 3-track tour de force. Stepped Off a Train tells a story over searing dub which is distinctly heartfelt whilst Them Today articulates anger over ever-dropping beats. Final track Isle of Great Britain is like a punk tune for the present, telling of inner-city life and strife with cutting clarity.
Inspired by the likes of The Fall, Joy Division and The Cure, their work wields depth – delving to articulate social issues with a powerful punch, including the likes of homelessness, isolation and apathy in the UK.

Yet there also a playfully provocative streak to their work, self-described as ‘a Poundland LCD Soundsystem’ this a duo which doesn’t shy from saying it as it is. We spoke to the guys to find out more:

1. Tell us more about yourselves. You are clear post-punk fans, but what drove you to beat poetry in particular?
“Post punk is pretty much rooted with us. We came together as STOCKSNSKINS to offer a bit of a “fresh air” feel to the music scene. Something a bit different, something that people can relate to. Something different from the mainstream that seems to be forced down our necks these days. Electronic beat poetry does exactly that for us, we express our opinions and life experiences, which offer people a modern original take with a post punk, pubstep, dub theme.”

2. Why the name STOCKSNSKINS?
“Why STOCKSNSKINS? Ha – that’s easy, it’s just our surnames shortened. It works and fits well seeing as we are a duo band.”

3. Is there a concept behind the EP?
“We believe our music is relatable to everyday life, working normal life. Pretty much all of the lyrics are things we’ve seen, done or experienced, with some being issues or topics we have opinions about. Them Today, for example, was written to highlight the issues we face as a country with homelessness. It’s a topic we feel strongly about, we all need to do more to help. I guess some artists may shy away from political issues and problems we face as a country. But why? Let’s voice our opinions, if we can’t openly speak and deal with the problems, it’s never going to change.”

4. What next for STOCKSNSKINS?
“ Next for STOCKSNSKINS, to carry on with what we do really, more writing more recordings and more gigs. Excited about our EP release with AnalogueTrash records, we’ve just recorded a few more tracks in the studio. Onwards and upwards, to pave a new way, to open some eyes to a bit of electronic beat poetry. Let’s see where this takes us!”STOCKSNSKINS 2

The ‘Them Today’ EP will be available in all digital formats and on all good streaming services, as well as direct from AnalogueTrash.

To find out more about STOCKSNSKINS they are on Soundcloud, Twitter and the AnalogueTrash website.

By Emily Oldfield, who is also on Twitter here.

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