Precious Recordings of London: PRE 001 – PRE 005: Precious Recordings: PRE 001 to PRE 005 – EP reviewsThe Jasmine Minks, BMX Bandits & Blueboy

Precious Recordings 

Pre 001 – 004 out now

Pre 005 available to pre-order

7″ Gatefold vinyl

Dexy’s frontman, Kevin Rowland once sang an impassioned plea of “let’s make this precious”. Precious Recordings of London have taken this as their mantra in releasing a series of double 7” vinyl packages celebrating a variety of radio sessions from some of the stalwarts of the 1980’s indie scene. Have they succeeded? I think, continue to paraphrase Rowland, they probably have.

The first four, which are already available, have a distinctly Scottish flavour, featuring, 0n PRE 001 and PRE 002, from Aberdeen, the genius indie-pop The Jasmine Minks, and on PRE 003 and PRE 004, the ramshackle jangle pop of the band who spawned a thousand offshoots, Lanarkshire’s very own sons, the magnificent BMX Bandits.

The Jasmine Minks & BMX Bandits

This is your ideal opportunity to immerse yourself in the passion, fervour, and brass of The Jasmine Minks Cry for a Man and I Don’t Know. On the second EP get taken over and lifted away by the Byrdsian indie pop of Follow Me Away, through to the melancholic Ballad complete with its yearning, singing guitars.

Then of course there is the jangletastic longing of BMX Bandits Strawberry Sunday, and while you’re at it continue this sense of longing on the laidback beauty of love song The Day Before Tomorrow. Have a fiesta halfway through Figure 4 and appear coolly louche listening to the sixties jazz-tinged Take Five.


Next up, the label heads south for Precious for PRE 005 which will feature Reading’s Sarah Records band Blueboy.

The Blueboy John Peel session covers both aspects of the music of Blueboy. Allowing you to bathe in the delicate beauty of the never before released Good News Week complete with heart-breaking cello (courtesy of Gemma Townley) and revel in the later edgier sound as represented by the biting cynicism of Dirty Mags.

Find the full track-listing for each of the releases below.

Off course, on its own, these releases are a wonderful document of the music of an era which was special to so many. BMX Bandits particularly achieving legendary status in countries as far afield as Japan and being the direct root source of so many other special bands, and that indie scene in general influencing countless bands over the years.

Precious Recordings: PRE 001 to PRE 005 – EP reviews

What makes these Precious packages so, well, precious is what comes with the music. Not only is it great to reminisce purely by holding a 7” single in your hands, just take a closer look at that packing. Some fantastic photographs, postcards and exclusive sleeve notes accompany each of the releases making these a must have for fans of the bands in question. Just look at one of the photographs on one of the BMX Bandits releases reveals a Superstar, a Fannie (so to speak), a Soup Dragon, a (Eu)genius… Bellshill…so much to answer for…

Track Listings

PRE 001 The Jasmine Minks John Peel 17.02.86

  • The Ballad of Johnny Eye
  • Cry for a Man
  • You Take My Freedom
  • I Don’t Know

PRE 002 The Jasmine Minks Janice Long 24.11.86

  • Follow Me Away
  • Cut Me Deep
  • Where the Traffic Goes
  • Ballad

PRE 003 BMX Bandits Janice Long 23.6.86

  • Strawberry Sunday
  • The Day Before Tomorrow
  • Groovy Good Luck Friend
  • Girl in the Pink T Shirt

PRE 004 BMX Bandits Janice Long 09.04.87

  • Flipper
  • Rosemary Ledingham
  • Figure 4
  • Take Five

PRE 005 Blueboy John Peel 03.12.94

  • Toulouse
  • Good News Day
  • Dirty Mags
  • Loony Tunes





All words by Neil Hodge. More writing by Neil on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive. You can also find Neil online at his blog thegingerquiff.

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