POWERSOLO announce ‘Bo-Peep’ album release and September UK tour dates…


POWERSOLO announce ‘Bo-Peep’ album release and September UK tour dates…

It’s HIM. Kim Kix! The Toréador of Trash. It’s PowerSOLO. The rock’n’roll band that you hate to hate and your galfriend just loves to love. Ahead of the release of new album ‘BO-PEEP’, PowerSOLO have announced a run of UK tour dates for September.

‘BO-PEEP’ was conceived, written and partially recorded during an extended weekend of solitary recluse at the Waikiki of Denmark.

One man. One guitar. One kick drum. One microphone. Two bottles of absinthe.

Once back in the big, bad, Jutlandian metropolis of Aarhus, Kix added more guitars, drums, organs and his old secret weapon: The triple bass. He even met up with his Railthin Brother Bo, who laid down a few dope beats on a couple of songs for Christ… and old times’ sake. Mixing was achieved through the divine intervention of Mr. Nik Heyman, and a final layer of dirt was shovelled into the woodchipper by Emil Thomsen at ET Mastering. 17 songs in total. The ones too strong for unlimited release were chosen to comprise the 7-inch 45rpm wonder that is PEEK-A-BO. Released in 500 copies on Record Store Day 2018.


September Tour Dates

Tues 4th – Norwich – Norwich Arts Centre
Thurs 6th – Manchester – The Peer Hat
Fri 7th – Halifax – The Lantern
Sat 8th – Liverpool – Maguire’s Pizza Bar
Sun 9th – Edinburgh – Opium
Mon 10th – Newcastle – The Cluny
Wed 12th – London – Oslo
Thurs 13th – Brighton – The Prince Albert


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  1. Hi LTW!

    Leather Boy, a miscreant who misread Mister Immortal’s personal ad seeking men and women of action, joined the Great Lakes Avengers for an extremely brief period of time. As Mister Immortal said, “The less said about it, the better.” Unfortunately, he later returned clad in the leather variation of Doctor Doom’s armor, wanting revenge for being left out of the second recruiting drive, and murdered Monkey Joe. Big Bertha, however, caught and defeated Leather Boy by sitting on him.

    We’re looking much forward to this tour!


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