Manchester-based Post Zero are a thought-provoking new indie act taking their cues from Manic Street Preachers and Public Image Ltd. Roisin Kelleher recently interviewed the band for Louder Than War.

Louder Than War: How has the new year been going so far?

Post Zero: Great, we started the year with a single launch show for The Shallows at Manchester Ruby Lounge, Rowetta performed with us on the song for the first time live – it was great, she’s got the most powerful voice I’ve heard in person bar none.

Louder Than War: Have you got any major plans for the year ahead?

Post Zero: The single is out on 11th February and we’ll be doing more dates to support that at London Hope & Anchor on 16th February and Manchester Fac 251 on 27th February. After that it’s more writing and recording hopefully.

Louder Than War: What inspires your music?

Post Zero: The world and how it is for me. The state of things like popular culture – and how it’s dumbing down, it seems to me that most people are happy to settle for this decline.

Louder Than War: Who are your favourite acts around at the moment?

Post Zero: I love Manic Street Preachers, for me they’re a shining example of not compromising what you do, yet still managing to get your message across in a manner which is still commercial. It’s almost a Situationist idea, infiltrating “the system” has become a cliched idea but it’s one that appeals to most unsigned acts I’m sure.

Louder Than War: Who inspires you?

Post Zero: Writers like Greil Marcus and Nicholas Carr, in music it’s John Lydon and Richey Edwards from a worldview stance, but introspectively I’ve got a lot from Ian Curtis‘ lyrics, there are very few, if any, better than him.

Louder Than War: What do you think makes music so important?

Post Zero: It’s been a lifeblood for me since childhood, an outlet for frustration. You’re let down constantly, even in childhood and adolescence, so having a positive outlet for your disillusionment is vital. Otherwise you just hurt others, physically or emotionally.

Louder Than War: Does the internet make promotion easier/ harder?

Post Zero: It’s harder to break through the noise. There’s no quality filter in my opinion now – radio and television are tightly controlled commercial entities so it’s hard for unsigned and unknown musicians like us to raise our heads above ground.

Louder Than War: Tell us about your upcoming gig and why people should go!

Post Zero: Our next show is at London Hope & Anchor on Saturday 16th February. Live we give everything. We’re not doing this to be “rockstars” – it’s just expression in the purest, most positive sense possible in my opinion.

Louder Than War: What is your favourite thing about gigging?

Post Zero: Feedback from people, seeing people mouth lyrics I’ve wrote along to a song is nothing but a pure thrill, the best drug ever.

Louder Than War: Finally, if you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

Post Zero: I’d fly because if I got bored of the Manchester climate I could escape to Spain instantly!

Post Zero are on Facebook and MySpace.

All words by Roisin Kelleher. More of Roisin’s writing on Louder Than War can be found here. Roisin is on twitter as @RoisinLKelleher


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