money cigarBrexit was never going to be easy on touring bands and as we lurch uncomfortably towards the Halloween exit date all manner of potential problems are starting to appear on the horizon.

Looking at far more reliable sources than facebook experts and keyboard warriors, LTW has been dreading the government’s own website looking for latest info. 

The latest GOV.UK page to be updated relates to ‘Import, export and customs for businesses’ which includes small UK bands looking to tour the EU. And the news does not look good. Post Brexit you will have to pay duty and VAT on your merchandise before you even leave the UK and enter the EU. 

So to leave the country in the post Brexit ‘take back control’ UK you even will have to apply for a VAT number and apply for an EORI number which means, according to the Government’s own website, “you may have increased costs and delays”.

It will be the death knell of UK touring bands – the long road to the impossibility of touring the USA – the country where we have a ‘special relationship’ that costs 50 times more for UK bands to get visas for than the other way round is starting…

Selling merch is what keeps bands on the road. Unless you have rich parents a touring band needs to sell its T shirts to survive. Post Brexit it looks like the European tour circuit could be over for British bands leaving them stranded in the UK. Long term this means that the gradual decline in UK music over Europe will accelerate and we will become a cultural backwater with innovative and interesting bands having to battle it out in local pubs with covers bands.

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  1. Sorry. Very poorly researched post and the information found poorly understood.

    Post Brexit the situation with merchandise is no different to a band currently touring the States, Switzerland or any other country outside EU. And options to touring bands are the same. (Smuggle, produce abroad or declare) Effect of Brexit re imports and exports is simply to treat the other 27 EU countries the same way we treat the rest of the world.

    And I thing you dredged my organisations website though perhaps dreading does apply equally


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