So Pop Will Eat Itself who sampled their name from an article by the great music writer Dave Quantick when they were a buzz saw pop punk band are back. The band who used to ring up LTW boss John Robb for advice when they started and went on to be one of the cutting edge sample collage bands with several big hits that were quite revolutionary but brushed aside because the band were lumped into a so called Grebo scene.

Anyway, the Poppies have reformed, well one of them Grahem Crabb has reformed the band and will be releasing an album and doing the festivals.

Meanwhile former Poppy Clint Mansell has become, perhaps, the finest film soundtrack composer of his generation…

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  1. Is this just a delayed reposting of the story from about a year ago when Graham announced he was ditching VileEvils and reviving the Poppies, because I can’t find any reference to any updates on the situation except this page?

  2. The best place for Poppie info is the PWEINation.

    Although to be honest we have not been officially informed about anything but all the internet rumours show up there under one banner.
    What is official is that all PWEI albums are being remastered / reissued with additional tracks unavailable before – all the band are helping with this including Clint. These are due out throughout this year – now for a feast and box frenzy start the ball rolling in July, then the rest follow in August, September and October (all by Cherry Red Records). – then click the head top left :-)

  3. No. It’s Graham Crabb with… nobody knows. He apparently asked the rest of the band when he originally decided to stop VileEvils and the answer was 1000xno! He then posted a bit of a rant about how the name was his idea and he wrote the majority of the material anyway, and he was gonna do it without them. Then had the new website / forum taken down because it had been done too soon…. (Not the one mentioned above which is very much active and was set up in response to all this)….Now gigs are being advertised, one of them using the VileEvils biog confusingly, but nowhere an official announcement, website, tour schedule, line up, or any other form of acknowledgement that nobody knows what the chuff to expect.

    • Taken from pweination…

      ‘Sorry to be the bearer of bad news guys but ive just had an email from Graham. None of these gigs have been confirmed and dates are going to be more likely in September.’

      As you were then.

      • has disappeared over some over zealous reporting of copyright material, which actaully wasn’t.

        The place to go to find out there still aren’t any developments is now here..



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