Pop Vulture – False Alarm

Pop Vulture are standing in your front room, carefully peeling back the curtain to gain a better view of the driveway. “The police are at your door,” they say, without so much as a turn of the head. Or at least, that’s the picture painted by the Leeds quartet’s debut single False Alarm, such is the unhurried candour of Luc Gibbons’ delivery. Taking a more laid-back approach to post-punk than many of their peers, a sparse arrangement of stilted guitar lines and a steadily grooving rhythm section make up much of their first record.

However, partway through, the single slides from cool indifference into downright smoothness, as the offbeat guitars begin to flow and spoken word becomes vocal harmony. Percussionist/guitarist Ben Udin peppers the record with welcome woodblock hits, adding an extra dimension to the quietly inventive track. It’s a natural transition that reaffirms Pop Vulture’s control over their own music. On False Alarm, they are at once casual, exciting, and unwilling to conform.

Having already performed alongside bands like Yard Act and Keg, and with a clear music-making ethos, Pop Vulture’s potential is tantalising. False alarm? It would appear not.

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Eddie Smith is a music journalist and writer currently based in London.


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