descendents-spazzWe consider ourselves told off! after fielding lots of complaints on facebook from people about the title of the new Descendents album – it turns out that it’s not the album title at all but a limited bonus release – so everything is ok then? it’s a bonus disc so no -one has to be upset, or something…


Punk has along tradition of being offensive with all the excuses that entails.

Punk was never meant to be right on and for every life affirming, thrilling piece of music with  set of lyrics to match there was  a deliberately gonzoid and offensive song from another band to annoy what they would term the ‘punk police’. You can sometimes see the logic in this but quite often this oversteps the line into just plane old bullying.

The Descendents are a ‘legendary’ Californian ‘punk’ band but sound more like a fuzzy power pop band. They were around at the start of Black Flag and used to share rehearsal room space and members with Black Flag and some of the same goosed sense of humour. After 15 years they have readied a new album and unfortunately called it ‘Spazz Hazard’.

They are probably ‘trying to make  point’ and the album title will do that time honoured thing of meaning not what it says and hide behind  cloak of ‘irony’ but in a world teetering on the edge of world war three, Donald Trump about to become the president of the USA and terror on the streets, surely a punk band could find something else to write about instead of this snickering locker room bullying from middle aged men who should know better.



  • CORRECTION  – the album proper is called Hypercaffium Spazzinate and SpazzHazard is a limited edition Bonus disc.
  • A full review of the album will be up in a couple days.  
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  1. Maybe just delete an article based on mistaken title? Maybe put your correction at the top? Maybe this is SHIT? Maybe look up journalism in the dictionary.

  2. So, Bill, it’s ok to call the bonus disc ‘spazz hazard’ then? what a dismal title and what a bunch of cretins. Look up ‘punk rock’ in the dictionary.

  3. So, it’s ok to call your bonus disc ‘Spazz Hazard’ and whine at web sites ? why should this website delete the article? the ‘spazz hazard’ title still exists and is still shit. It’s a long long way away from when punk said something – all the way from Joe Strummer to whiney middle aged men releasing a ‘bonus disc’ called ‘spazz hazard’ and then running away and claiming that it’s ok – other websites are calling for a ban on the album… httpss://

  4. In the USA, spazz is not an offensive word. The Descendents are from the USA, and were not trying to cause offense. This is a misunderstanding

  5. Just been reading Viv Albertines biography – compare her & The Slits to this horrific generic band of old hasbeens with chronic title for anything to be attached to – night & day doesn’t do it justice, it’s sad this is what the word ‘punk’ now means to some people. About as punk as a night at my grannies bingo nights at the bowls club. Honestly, just F*** Off.

  6. Jesus fucking Christ the American word spazz is not offensive, dipshit. This is like Americans calling for a boycott of every British band with a member who has called a cigarette a fag because it’s homophobic and has no other meaning in the American dialect.

  7. A lot of assumptions made in this article based on the (probably) misguided fact that you believe they purposely went out of their way to offend people. Yes there is a problem with certain words that demean and alienate people, but this vitriol aimed at guys who sing about girls, fishing and coffee is at best ridiculous

  8. I’m not sure when everyone decided it’s the end of the world if they are offended. How are we ever going to learn to deal with real life problems when we cant even handle name calling? Cry babies. This article deserves no credit, and the writer doesnt deserve to hear a Descendents song. This kind of music is meant for the proud, & the few.

  9. Rubbish American band who somehow think that they have something to do with punk rock churn out yet another lightweight album of fizzy corporate pretend punk pop with fizzy guitars and try and offend people by sticking the word ‘spazz’ in the title.

  10. It’s about having the coffee gitters and being nerds because that’s what they are and that’s what Spazz means in the US. Hypercaffium…caffeine…coffee
    They have been singing songs about coffee and being needs (Spazzes) since 1977.

    You’re welcome

  11. In the UK people throw the word Cunt around like it’s nothing. In the U.S. it’s considered an offensive word. But we aren’t trying to police the way you talk. Get a fucking life.

  12. In 1977, friends Frank Navetta and David Nolte began writing songs on acoustic guitars with the intention of forming a band.

  13. The word spazz is not offensive here in America AT ALL. It means awkward nerd! A dork.. Has NOTHING to do with having disabilities Lol. Ridiculous. I was also completely unaware it had anything to do w disabilities OUTSIDE of the USA. The offensive word for disabilities here in the USA is “retard” just so you know. Completely different meaning! Its called a different country w different slang, folks! They weren’t “trying to be offensive”. What’s offensive about being a nerd? Descendants have always been.

  14. FUCK EM! FUCK EM ALL!!! I was a skinny acne covered dork and got plenty of shit growing up. Can I complain to the UN??? FUCK NO. Fuck all you fucken weak wannabe victim commie. FUCK EM ALL!!! DESCENDENTS FOREVER (FUCK J GIRLS, ACTUALLY!!ONLY HOPE FOR ACNE RIDDEN SPAZZTARDS!!) SAYONARA!!


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