Pop And Politics Event In London: MPs And Music People Talk Politics Of Music – postponedThe occasional “Pop and Politics” evening which was to  return to London on September 8th. Has been postponed…(Which you can check it out at their website  or Facebook).


event postponed…

Chaired by Louder Than War boss and Goldblade frontman, John Robb the event also always involves key Labour MP Kerry McCarthy and a floating cast of other MP’s like Tom Watson and Sharon Hodgson, all of whom meet with key music business figures for an evening during which talk is of political issues tied in with music.

The event will be taking place at:

Cafe del Marsh,

44 Lower Marsh,

SE1 7RG (just behind Waterloo station)

Tues 10th September 2013.

Book tickets now from the events Big Cartel.

Louder Than War & Music South West invite you to The Fourth Pop & Politics Supper Club on Tues 10th September 2013 – 7.30pm tip 10.30pm.

The evening will include a buffet dinner for a total of 25 people with special guest speakers who will lead on discussions on the relationship between modern culture, power, society, global movements, and much more.

Topics to be covered include;

Who owns the music? The Manic Street Preachers are suing the EDL for using If You Tolerate This; Portishead aren’t happy that The Weeknd have sampled them; and Thom Yorke is boycotting Spotify because it doesn’t pay emerging musicians enough.

Meanwhile piracy and illegal downloading continues to be a serious threat to musicians’ livelihoods. What rights should musicians have over their work once they’ve put it into the public domain?

Listen to the lyrics… Tyler, the Creator and Robin Thicke are both under attack for misogynistic lyrics and allegedly promoting ‘rape culture’. Rap and reggae artists in particular have come under fire for homophobic content. Do the words matter? Do they make sexism and homophobia more acceptable? Are they a bad influence on young people? Should they be refused visas to perform in the UK, or have their songs and videos censored? Or does no-one listen to the words anyway?

A look-back at the festival season… Does anyone go for the music anymore? Has Glastonbury got too big for its own good? Are the best festivals now abroad?

Funding for music… Is the Momentum Fund the right approach?

Plus Pop and Politics updates: the latest on secondary ticketing and the Consumer Rights Bill, and other current issues.

Book now, join the debate, become a member and gain priority invites to all future events and contribute topics for discussion.

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