Poly Styrene – Posthumous Michael Jackson tribute

A new video for late singer Poly Styrene has been unveiled – the clip for the track ‘Ghoulish’ is taken from her recent solo album ‘Generation Indigo’ (Future Noise)

“Ghoulish,” the second single from ”˜Generation Indigo’ (LTW review) was inspired by coverage of Michael Jackson at the end of his life. “There was all these pictures of him, and the nose had fallen off, and the white face, and the ghoulishness,” she explained in an interview available on YouTube “But then I just wanted to say, I see through that. I see through that, he was probably quite a nice guy.”

Not surprisingly the two never met, but Poly was moved by his “soft-spoken, gentle” nature, she said.

“Crimson lips and chocolate eyes on your candy-white face, quite a surprise,” she sings on “Ghoulish,” in a voice that’s less of the punk wail and more Debbie Harry-breathy. “Baby, you’re so ghoulish. But I’m not so foolish, to be scared.”

“It could be about any goth guy, almost, that wears make-up” Poly added in the YouTube interview. “But Michael Jackson was the inspiration.”

The video was directed by Lauryn Siegel and a release date for the single has been set for August 8th ”“ the track will be available as a MP3 download

The former X-Ray Spex singer died of cancer at the age of 53 earlier this year – LTW boss, and close friend of Poly wrote an obituary


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