Poly Styrene commemorative blue plaque unveiled on her former home(thanks to punk rock wars veterans association for the photo)


Great to see commemorative blue plaque recognition for the legendary Poly Styrene.

Fan power made this happen after 1066 Music Blue Plaques was formed by three local music fans, Jim Breeds, Tony Davis & Andy Gunton.

The group came together after a Facebook discussion regarding the lack of commemorative Blue Plaques celebrating musicians who used to live in the Hastings area, and important local music venues which have closed down.

‘We decided to see if that situation could be corrected, and set out to explore the possibilities of getting some Blue Plaques erected.’


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  1. One of the greatest punk bands lead by a female singer, poly styrene is a legend. Brilliant tunes on germfree adolescents. Fully deserve a blue plaque. Cheers, sedge, True Brits Scooter Club, Wolverhampton.

  2. Absolutely superb, one of the best punk bands of an era that will never be forgotten, all of the punks should be proud we changed the music scene forever. RIP POLY


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