Friend of Louder Than War and one of best things to come out of punk rock Poly Styrene has revealed she has breast cancer.
We have known about it for some time here and are heartened to know that she seems to be getting better.
She said, “I’ve been diagnosed with cancer, which has been a huge shock for both me and my daughter Celeste. I’m trying to fight it and I’m determined to stay positive. Celeste has done lots of research and she feels I can get better. And I need to get better for her, because I’m all the family she’s got.”
We have heard Poly’s new, third album, Generation Indigo, which is due out in March and we are thrilled to report it’s the best thing she has done since her X Ray Spex debut all those years ago.
Produced by Youth, the album runs through several styles, from reggae to punchy punk rock, also Louder Than War boss John Robb sings on a couple of the tracks.

We are all thinking of you Poly and look forward to your recovery.

For regular updates on Poly’s health please check her facebook and twitter…




    • I’ve relayed messages of support to Poly…please leave messages on her facebook as well…she’s an amazing woman


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