Police release more photos from Kurt Cobain’s death sceneClaiming that they are attempting to stop the flow of conspiracy theories about Kurt Cobain’s death that include murder, Seattle Police have released 35 new photos of the death scene just before the 20th anniversary of the singer’s death in April.

For years all sorts of theories have bounded around the internet – it seems that no famous person can ever die without all the baggage and the theories. Recently the police have opened the case again to get to the bottom of all the rumours and found lots of previously undeveloped photos which have helped to underline the original findings about the singer’s suicide.

One of the saddest stories to emerge from the reopened case is that the singer shot himself on April 5th and remained undiscovered until April 8th – that’s three days of being left dead in his Seattle home – underpinning the loneliness of being one of the biggest stars in the world.

The latest photos released by the police show Cobain’s suicide note, with a pen stuck directly through the middle of it – the first pictures to show the original placing of his suicide note. Also quite chillingly and quite tellingly there are images of apparatus for taking heroin, which include syringes and a spoon in a cigar box detailing the harrowing end to one of the greatest rock stars.


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