Like all genres of music the U.S Hip-Hop/Rap scene and industry is for ever changing and progressing, today its through artists like Tyler the Creator, Wiz Khalifa and Frank Ocean who are taking Hip-Hop into the 21st century. But there are also other elements of the industry that are not looking too good right now. Issues ranging from full-time police officers looking to make it as gangster rappers, internet thugs using the net for cheap PR or teenage rappers trying to kill each other…below is a list of 5 of those very issues U.S Hip-Hop is having to deal with today.

ex prison guard now gangster rapper upsets ‘real’ gangsters and puts his life in danger 

On one hand he’s the successful ‘gangster’ rapper who claims to live his lyrics, be a ‘boss’ and know the ‘real’ Noriega. But then on the other he’s ‘William Leonard Roberts the 2nd’ who not only was exposed as the guy who actually used to lock ‘gangsters’ up as a C.O ( corrections officer) but who’s also accused of hijacking his infamous moniker from one of the U.S.A’s biggest cocaine suppliers of the 80′s, ‘Freeway’ Ricky Ross’. Who has tried to confront him over the issue, yet amazingly the self styled ‘Boss’ claims to of never heard of him.                                        (below: Rick Ross/William as C.O)

‘Police’ gangster-rappers, internet thugs & teenage rap killers, the changing face of U.S Hip-Hop

Buts its his latest bout of false flagging which has not only put his career on hold but also his life in danger by upsetting some ‘real gangsters’. Chicago’s extra violent ‘Gangster Disciples’. Its not the first movement he’s claimed to have had ties with but by far the most dangerous.

Not only did Ross name check the G.D’s in his rhymes but also mentioned the gangs most respected and legendary founder/leader ‘Larry Hoover’. The GD’s are a nationwide organisation who have vowed to shut Ross down for what they feel is a mass show of disrespect. There was talk of paying off the gang but when it was leaked Ross had no other choice as to say he wasn’t paying it. Boss’s cant be seen to be paying gangs off for a quiet life, it’d destroy whats left of his ‘street cred’ (which sells records) with gangs everywhere pressing him for pay-offs.

So after cancelling shows earlier this year due to death threats made by GD’s, as well as recently finding out he’d lost his most lucrative deal yet over the issue (cancelled footwear deal with Reebok, due to public protest) the inevitable happened. Last January in Fort Lauderdale Ross found himself target from 18 shots fired from a passing BMW. No ones been caught or charged and some like 50 cent actually claimed it to be a PR stunt, if so that’s some PR stunt but I doubt it. The big mans claims of owning the streets and chilling with ex S, American leaders is kinda funny really and has generally been accepted has hype, But seems his persona building has gone too far now as its all got very ‘real’ for officer Ricky, with the life he tried imitating through his art now trying to take him out.

G.D’s v Rick Ross


gangster rap’s out-of-control reality/soap TV series 

Like a cross between Easterners, The only way is Essex and 8-mile comes the most outrageous, and definitely one of the most aggressive ‘reality’ TV show’s ever. Though the stars of the show are established rappers like Lil Scrappy, Joe Budden and others its the wife’s and girlfriends that take centre stage and in the process take rap/hip-hop to a whole new corporate level with some heavy bitching and some times full on fights…but is this a good look for hip-hop in general, a music scene which is built supposedly on ‘keeping it real’. if anything its entertainment but what’s next…’crack-cocaine cooking tips with Flava Flav’ / ‘I’m a Gang-Banger, get me the fuck out of here Cuuzz’..?

check out the clip below as one of the shows fights is caught on camera.


rising teenage rappers killing each other in Chicago’s gang infested streets

The last few years has seen the city of Chicago come alive to a new wave of young talented and very violent rappers, heading the scene is the controversial dread-headed 18 year old ‘Chief Keef’. At 16 he was put under house arrest and with nothing to do started recording his raps, known for his heavy/aggressive lyrics he’s now considered as the main representative of the cities violent hip hop scene and is the youngest label head in music history. Since his album ‘Finally Rich’ was released the rapper has constantly been in and out of trouble…but its the ties between these new artists and Chicago’s legendary street gangs like the ‘Gangster Disciples’, ‘The Black P-Stone’s’ and the ‘Vice-lords’ that’s making more news. Which was highlighted in last winters murder of promising 16yr old rapper’ Lil Jo Jo.        (got you in his sights: Chief Keef)

‘Police’ gangster-rappers, internet thugs & teenage rap killers, the changing face of U.S Hip-HopAfter releasing a track mocking Keef and his crew ’300 squad’ rising star Jo Jo one day bragged on his Twitter that he was in Keef’s neighbourhood of Englewood, 10 mins later he was killed in a drive by shooting, 6 shots in the back while riding his bicycle . Chief Keef responded by mocking Jo Jo’s murder on his Twitter but due to major criticism from all sides Keef later went on to claim it wasn’t him and that his Twitter had been hacked. It seems the world knows it was Chief Keef who instigated the hit but expensive lawyers and a lack of evidence against him means his career goes on.

He’s also been accused of sending death threats to another young up coming Chi-Town rapper named Lupe Fiasco, and its only recently that Chief Keef has come out of prison after being stung for a number of charges ranging from fire arms, possession of weed to pulling a fire arm on police. Probably the youngest angry young MC in Chicago is 14 yr old Lil Mouse as he recently got into trouble with the law for threatening an 8yr old kid at his school for snitching. The 8yr old’s family didn’t comment and immediately left town for the safety of their son’s life. Other rappers killed include teenager Johnny Da Boy who was shot dead and left in an ally, the youngster was about to be signed to Atlantic. As well as an 18yr old youth who was gunned down for simply wearing a Lil Jo Jo T-shirt outside a petrol station. These are just a few of incidents from within a city whose flourishing new rap scene seems to get darker as it journeys on.

rapping about what 14yr old’s do..guns, clubs, sex and thuggin…Lil Mouse with ‘Get Smoked’ 


NY police officer by day, gangster-rapper by night

Going one better than Rick Ross is full time NYPD officer Gat the Great who raps about being a hustler and full time felon, Maybe the Rick Ross situation had opened the way for other ‘unique’/unlikely rappers to come through, but is this slightly stretching it some what. Though its not so much the rapping but the image the guy portrays in his music and the things he comes out with. He’s either quite clever and opening up a new genre in gangster-rap or just very confused, he’s a documentary just waiting to happen…kinda makes you wonder how he feels when ever he hears ‘Fuck the Police’ ?,..really can’t see this taking off.

check out the link below, NY radio station Power 105 break the story down and name ‘Gat the Great’’as they’re ‘Donkey of the Day’


failed gangster rapper/internet thug sues fellow rapper ‘The Game’ after being given a taste of his own medicine  

while the likes of Chief Keef and Chicago provide raps dark headlines one guy who’s giving everyone a laugh in the world of hip hop right now is the failed gangster rapper and internet bully 40 Glocc. It could be said no music community utilises the net as effectively as the U.S hip hop/rap scene, building them and their brand’s up so successfully many rappers have landed contracts just through the momentum they’ve built up on line. Though the flip side to this are those rappers who use the net really negatively to build their rep up, and probably the biggest abuser of such practices is L.A’s 40 Glocc.                                                                                                        (40 Glocc hides in a bush as The Game dishes it out)

‘Police’ gangster-rappers, internet thugs & teenage rap killers, the changing face of U.S Hip-Hop

Just some of the snidey stunts 40 Glocc has pulled off include turning up at other rappers video shoots with a gang of thugs to either shut the video down or even try and rob or beat the artists up. From trapping Lil Wayne and the Cash Money team in their cars in Compton to running up 20 deep on a Jamie Foxx video shoot which featured rapper Plies, who in the end ran off to hide in the toilets letting Jaime Foxx deal with the situation. Those are just a couple of incidents 40 Glocc has uploaded on line – and its through these sad acts he’s managed to build some sort of ‘gangster’ profile up on the internet and in the process bring yet another negative to hip hop angering the whole community.

So turning the tables on 40 Glocc was The Game who last summer (after being slagged off by 40 Glocc on line) ran into the internet thug at a pool party in L.A. Once 40 Glocc, who was with only 2 people,  set eyes on The Game and his crew at the party he slipped out the door but The Game saw him, followed him out the door, caught him and then proceeded to knock 40 Glocc about while he tried to hide in a bush. While The Game quite impressively carried on filming it all on his phone while at the same time dishing it out. Then turning 40 Glocc’s own trick on him he went and put the coverage straight up on the net for all to see. Obviously it caught much attention, some say The Game did it purely for the publicity but the fact is many artists in the U.S rap industry were more than happy watching the video and knowing that the biggest internet thug/mouth piece ever had just received a fat lick of his own medicine. But even sadder is the fact that this big bad ‘gangster’ rapper 40 Glocc has actually filed a law suite against The Game for doing what he’s been trading off for years. Are gangster rappers aren’t meant to sue after fighting each other?, not according to the many artists that have voiced their concerns over 40 Glocc’s actions. But at the same time 40 Glocc’s rap career is well and truly dead (though it was never off anywhere anyway) and can never again release a rap record and be expected to be taken seriously. So maybe the law suite will be his last pay day, not to mention his biggest…the story continues.

see for yourself as TMZ news reports on the incident and video of the fight/ arse whooping

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