Plastic Pinks FUIPlastic Pinks – FUI/Kelly (Die Slaughterhaus Records)

7” / DL

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Miami’s Plastic Pinks are continuing to make major waves with their fun surf-punk sticky pop.

With a 7” on Atlanta-based label Die Slaughterhaus, a cassette EP on Wiener Records and a forthcoming full length on Burger, it seems nothing can stop the rapid uprising of South Florida rockers Plastic Pinks. Plastic Pinks fit right in with the decadent diversity and community based cultural movements spearheaded by these labels, and their riotous enthusiasm and warm positivity is just as infectious as their music.

The A Side of their Die Slaughterhaus 7”, FUI, first appeared on the Cheap Miami Cassette Store Day compilation, Cheap Hits, but has been updated with a punchier, more sophisticated sound.

It starts modestly with Charlie De Jesus’ solitary head-nodding bass rhythm and a soft hi hat and snare drum rim kick from Nicholas Ochoa, but soon explodes with a wild Augie Pink war cry and loud, fuzzy layers of bouncy guitar riffs. Frontman June Summer’s vocals come in shortly after, and Luigi LaRocca lets rip midway through with a squealing yet melodious lead solo before it all melds together again for that perfect blend of dirty and sweet that Plastic Pinks do so well.

A lot of the red hot or up and coming ‘fourth wave garage rock’ acts now are Puerto Rican or Latin American, so they sing in Spanish (AJ Davila, Reanimadores, Los Vigilantes, Las Ardillas, Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!!, Hollywood Sinners, Lenguas Largas, Los Peyotes, Pizza Time, Bodega Satellite). For me at times, their passion and unadulterated sense of fun can sometimes make English seem very cold and limp, but even if you don’t speak Spanish, I guarantee you will be singing along to the super hooky choruses of FUI.

The B Side, Kelly, is sung in English but nonetheless captures the highly flammable live presence and upbeat irreverence of Plastic Pinks. It oozes with attitude and twangy, beachy goodness. A quick crush of tom beats and a steady bass drum thump mimic Augie Pink’s reverb-soaked vocal, then June Summer joins in on vocals at the chorus through to the end. The whole thing will make you long for some crazy, degenerate pool party under the cool shade of Florida’s fan-like palm tree leaves. The delirious energy and pure rock ‘n’ roll initiative of Plastic Pinks can only mean even bigger things are sure to be on the horizon for them, so do yourself a favor and join the party now!


7″ cover art by Mimi Starr. Plastic Pinks are on Facebook and Twitter. FUI/Kelly is available through the Die Slaughterhaus store here, and the 4 song cassette EP Livin’ On the Coast can be purchased through Wiener Records here.

All words by Carrie Quartly, you can read more of her writing on the site here.

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