Planks: Funeral Mouth – album review
Planks: Funeral Mouth (Creative Eclipse/Golden Antenna)
Out: 12th Oct

Awesome German Sludgecore for people who don’t like people.

Upon their third release (their first with new label Golden Antenna), Planks have progressed their style, adding atmosphere and density to their sound, moving away from the hardcore influences which were scattered through their previous releases and into far more significant territory.

Information about the recording of the album was recently put up on the bands official website:

”ËœThe songs were recorded and mixed late 2011/early 2012 at Lunarcity Studios (Darmstadt) with our close friend Lari Eiden, mastered at “Die Tonmeisterei” by the infamous Role and given a face by Oli Hummel, who already did our first record design.’

What this partnership has created is a ghostly and ethereal collection of powerful and vicious songs which persistently grind away as they escalate in intensity. The opening tracks begin slowly, with nods to both Doom and Black Metal. The obscure time signatures which are peppered through the notable drumming compliment the haunted sound.

By the time we get to ”ËœAn Exorcism of Sorts’, things are brought up a notch and the variety of styles and influences converge to produce something dark and wonderful.

The lyrics are well balanced throughout, ranging from guttural roars to audible melancholic reflections. At times it becomes reminiscent of early Mastodon or Neurosis and at others it echoes Darkthrone and mid 90’s alternative acts. There is so much on offer in ”ËœFuneral Mouth’ that it takes a while to digest it all. A well-produced and multi-layered album, this sits proudly alongside efforts from Old Man Gloom and Baroness in my ”Ëœbest heavy albums of the year’ list.

Definitely a band to keep an eye on, Planks are currently playing some central European dates and we will keep you up to date with any UK / Ireland tour developments.

Check out Planks on their Bandcamp HERE. They’re also on Facebook HERE

The album is available for pre-order from their Official Website HERE

Listen: ‘Funeral Mouth’

All words by Colin McCracken. You can read more of his Louder Than War articles HERE
He writes about movies HERE and lurks about on Twitter HERE

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