Idiot Joy showband
Idiot Joy showband

Plan B has made a statement about the Skrewdriver T shirt that he was wearing in the recent Shortlist photo session.

As we suspected the singer, one of the most articulate voices of his generation, wore the T shirt in all innocence.

“I was ignorant to the existence of the band Skrewdriver. I don’t listen to music like that so I wouldn’t know the names of bands that make that music. I was wearing a t-shirt I created using a photograph from the photographer Gavin Watson’s book Skins.

“I asked him if I could print shots from his book on to t-shirts. I made a number of these t-shirts. Gavin’s photos are relevant to me because they represent the demonised youth of the past. Just like my generation of young people are demonised in the media to all be hoodie wearing thugs and chavs so were the skinheads in the 80’s.”

Speaking about the person on the t-shirt, who some thought to be former Skrewdriver associate and convicted racist Nicky Crane, Plan B explained: “Most of the t-shirts I had made were of his brother. The boy on the image is Neville Watson. Neville is Gavin Watson’s brother. The graffiti behind him is graffiti. Neither Gavin or Neville put it there; it was already there when Gavin took the photo. Gavin did not know I had printed that image on a t-shirt and I was not aware of the significance of it.”

“The minute I found out what the words on the t-shirt meant I was angry with myself for not questioning them. The t-shirt is not official nor is it on sale anywhere. It was of my own doing and therefore it is my mistake, but that is all it is.”

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  1. Well he’s made himself look a right plank, hasn’t he. It was always going to be a lose-lose situation… might as well have just got a Ramones tee from Ark,

  2. Give the man a break! Plan B is clearly not a racist and clearly does not subscribe to Screwdriver’s and the rest of these vermin. He’s made a mistake, he’s man enough to acknowledge this, so forget about it and move on. Some people say that ignorance is not an excuse, but they forget that ignorance is a state before learning takes place. I think Plan B has had a learning experience that he will not forget.

  3. Interesting this, i know nothing about this Plan B character,and quite frankly i’m not remotely interested in him. Regarding the wearing of a Skrewdriver t-shirt, well i have a Skrewdriver t-shirt and i sometimes wear it. The shirt is the cover pic of the second Chiswick single ‘Anti-Social’ and it has ‘1977’ emblazoned on the bottom. Like all decent people i despise what the name is now associated with, i wear it occasionally because i am reclaiming the original bands legacy form the Nazis. I realise some people may disagree with my reasoning but you cannot deny the fact that Skrewdriver were just another punk band back in 77 and despite the Nazis revisionist histories of the band the fact remains that they had no known right-wing views at that time. I admit that i like early Skrewdriver, i am a big fan of the Chiswick label but as i said i utterly despise what Ian Stuart became. The whole subject of Skrewdriver will remain controversial but i think that my perspective on the band is an interesting departure from the usual love/hate attitude towards them. I do not mean to offend anyone by offering these views but it is important to expose Stuart for the fucking hypocrite he was, a Nazi playing multi cultural rock music ? Hitler would be turning in his grave.

  4. I noticed that he was wearing one of these t-shirts at the second half of his show supporting the Stone Roses at Heaton Park (he had come out in skinhead clothing). Couldn’t quite believe it at the time. Eventually I knew it would be mentioned and so be it after the shortlist interview.

    I grew up in the days of Skrewdriver and the skinhead imagery, and I’d definitely put this down to a ‘Motorhead t-shirt at Top Shop’ moment, he just had them made from the Gavin Watson book for the imagery, probably unaware who Skrewdriver were. Mark Radcliffe writes interestingly of his time in them early on, and people like Simon Prodhan and many others are fans of the Chiswick stuff. As Andy says, it’s a learning experience.

  5. If he ( or anyone else for that matter ) is going to flirt with any imagery, it’s important to understand what you’re wearing. Ignorance is no excuse.

  6. Dunno about ‘love/hate attitude towards them’, if Stuart hadn’t turned them into Nazi poster children the third division punk-by-numbers of their Chiswick recordings would have been consigned to the bargain bin of history long ago.

  7. This is typical of so-called ‘pop stars’ wearing t-shirts bearing images and slogans from bands that they know nothing about. T-shirts featuring bands should only be worn by people who support those bands and who love their music and not by some ‘hipster’ who wants to look cool but couldn’t name one Ramones or Clash song if their life depended on it.


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