The Pixies

The Pixies

The Pixies

O2 Academy Newcastle

3rd December 2016

The Pixies tame a very rowdy northern Saturday night crowd with an incredible set, as they prove why they’re one of the best!

Receiving rave reviews on a triumphant romp across the UK, The Pixies are truly a force to be reckoned with. Tonight sees them arriving in Newcastle and they’re greeted by an excessively boisterous crowd, Saturday night crowds are always a gamble and tonight is no different. First up though is FEWS and as we walk into the venue we’re greeted by a barrage of noise.

Emanating from the stage these four lads certainly know how to make an exceptional racket, their rabid noise and languid lyrics making for a brilliant opening set. Walls of white noise, thunderous drums all played behind a cloud of haze, their introverted stage presence matching the tone of the evening perfectly. They prime the aforementioned lively crowd and leave them ready for The Pixies.

The Pixies

As the lights dim and Black Francis and his crew emerge on to the stage to a rousing reception, the sold out crowd are truly pleased to see their heroes. Opening with an awesome rendition of Gouge Away it kick starts a riotous set as the band put on an epic show, where they do their utmost to impress everyone. Early on Monkey Gone To Heaven invokes a hugely passionate sing-a-long as they continue to keep the crowd on side.

Their set quickly goes from strength to strength powerful and exciting, everyone has fallen under their spell. None of them even forced to utter a word to the crowd, yet there are no awkward pauses either as the band power through unperturbed. The crowd continually going wild, bodies flying over the barrier at will, the likes of Rock Music and Here Comes Your Man stand out above the rest.

The Pixies

The Pixies ability to change up their set at will keeps everything fresh and tonight is arguably one of their finest set lists yet. The perfect build up and the huge crescendo that is the culmination of this impressive evening, as they close out on Tenement Song, Dead and Debaser before quite literally disappearing in a puff of smoke. This truly feels like a very special evening, with the tracks from Head Carrier sitting perfectly alongside the classics.

The Pixies could come out and play a set purely focused on days gone by, but that wouldn’t do their latest work justice. As they have constantly evolved always remaining at the top of their game and Head Carrier is a worthwhile tribute to this. As they top off the evening with a raucous rendition of Into The White, we leave suitably in awe of one of the finest bands around.

The Pixies can be found online here They’re also on Facebook and tweets as @PIXIES.

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