Yesterday we ran a review of Wilko Johnson’s set at Bingley Music Live. We also managed to grab a few words with the great, nay, legendary guitarist before he delivered “a stunning show to rapturous acclaim in what could prove to be his final appearance on stage”.  Now see below some photos of Wilko also taken on Saturday.

The review concluded:

“If this was Wilko’s final appearance, then these moments in Myrtle Park, Bingley, will enter rock history. This was the place where the man whose musical DNA will be present whenever the guitar is played made his last stand, and what a performance it was. If he has retired then, for me, the phrase ‘guitar hero’ should be retired in his honour too. As he left the stage the sun continued to shine, just as Wilko said it would. Summer is not done yet, hopefully not for a long time.”

We also had a photographer, Ian Pickles, on site but because we wanted to rush the review up as quickly as possible we decided we’d leave the photos & add them later. Having now received the pics we’ve decided they’re so good we didn’t want anyone missing them by adding them to a review that you’ve probably / possibly already read so here they are in all their glory.

In case you missed it over the weekend the review of Wilko’s (possibly) final show can be found here:

Here’s to Wilko.

Photos Of Wilko Johnson At Bingley Music Live on Saturday

Photos Of Wilko Johnson At Bingley Music Live on Saturday

Photos Of Wilko Johnson At Bingley Music Live on Saturday

All photos © Ian Pickles. Not to reproduced without permission. More photos & writing can be found at Ian’s author’s archive.

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