Phil Chevron (Guitarist with the Radiators and Pogues) Diagnosed With Cancer Again.Once again, the lethal battle between cancer and the legend has reared its ugly head. Radiators from space and pogues legend, Phil Chevron, has announced that the cancer he defeated after a four year battle (from 2007-2011), has returned.

The cancer (head and neck) is inoperable, due to the significant risk of stroke, or worse. There is no suggested life expectancy, but Chevron has confirmed, that “This time the cancer is lethal”.

Chevron is currently on a break from both bands, but has recently accepted theatre music commissions, with The Old Vic theatre in London and Druids theatre, Galway.

The Pogues are expected to celebrate their 30 anniversary next year, while Irish band, The Radiators have spawned into ‘The trouble pilgrims’, minus Chevron.

I wish Phil all the best on his life journey and inevitable battle in the days / weeks / months and hopefully years ahead.


All words by Coni T Poni. Photo by Ronnie Norton. More writing by Coni can be found in her author archive here

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