In a world full of important stuff a craggy faced, crusty old colonel from Fawlty Towers type who presents some car programme getting the sack has become a thing of national importance. ‘It’s PC gone bloody mad’ moaned a lot of people on social networking puffing out their chests whilst their wives were not watching.

Man of the people, Jeremy Clarkson is getting the boot from the Beeb for an altercation and fleshy handbags after he couldn’t get warm food after a day of filming. The resulting suspension brought a mid life crisis to many men and the Prime Minster who seems to approve of this sort of thing who saw Jeremy as their champion and a million strong petition has been doing the rounds.

It was all to no avail and after years of baiting liberals with ill chosen insults and not very nice remarks Jeremy has been given marching orders by the BBC probably to get a multi million pound TV contract somewhere else so you can give your tears back to the crocodile.

This kind of thing sends out a strong message to middle age flab dads with saggy bovine faces like Jeremy – a message thats says attacking people because you can’t have your tea is just not on..’ said someone from the BBC last night. Maybe.

Thoughts please!

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  1. All it says is that he’s not a freemason, so they can get rid of him without upsetting the powers that be. Would it be too far fetched to think that this entire thing was a set up, to give them a reason to get rid of him?
    Think how many celebrities have been “got rid of” recently. Death, false allegations of abuse, true allegations of abuse and not “hitting-gate.”

  2. I think that whilst connections with Saville are hugely wide of the mark there are 1 or 2 similarities. The BBC allegedly protected Saville from arrest or kept him in employment because he was a “banker” Clarkson is also a “banker” Clarkson’s crime is without doubt substantially less vile BUT if attacking a fellow employee is a sackable offence then that exactly what should happen… If the BBC had not have taken that action then clearly they would not have learnt ANY lessons from, not only Saville, but other high profile “bankers” who have in any way committed a sackable offence but not been given their cards.

    Had anyone not a “banker” committed that same offence they WOULD have almost certainly got the sack

  3. There is “training company” called “Common Purpose” and its aim is to produce “future leaders”,… (via mind control NLP technique, but they don’t tend to mention that.) The reason that BBC wants as many influential people as possible to do a “Common Purpose” course, is because such people are important when it comes to spreading a particular point of view…. loosely summed up by the expression “The Fake Left.”
    I would imagine that Clarkson will not allow himself to be mind controlled and has stated that I will not attend a CP course and so he’s got to go. To investigate the propaganda of CP and its links to the bbc. please go to …

    • So it took the BBC 25 years to get fed up with Jeremy Clarkson not doing this ‘Common Purpose’ course you speak of. And then they sacked him. Of Course.

  4. If I, or any ‘ordinary’ person, hit someone at work, we would be sacked immediately. It should be the same for TV personalities, footballers, politicians and anyone else. If someone had hit Clarkson he would have expected them to be sacked immediately. If he had hit me at work, I would press criminal charges, whoever he was.


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