8)  Kodo.

I’m taking a liberty at number 8 by including an ensemble rather than an individual (well, OK, the Chemiranis were a similar liberty, but not on quite such an extensive scale).  The Japanese percussion troupe Kodo appears to tour the globe almost continuously these days, so there’s a decent chance it’ll be popping up at a concert hall near you in the not too distant future.  If so, bag a ticket.  This is drumming as a martial art.  OK, it’s become a bit showy and a bit glitzed-up to pull the mass-punters in, but it remains a fine demonstration of power, precision and technique in a sonic and visual onslaught that should have you suitably absorbed for the duration.


For number nine in Peter Ulrich (Dead Can Dance and This Mortal Coil) Top 10 Percussionists please go here


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