perrett2017Peter Perrett: Dirty bombs and Kim Kardashian feature in new song & video heralding solo album

Peter Perrett, the living legend who wrote ‘Another Girl, Another Planet’ “arguably, the greatest rock single ever recorded”, singer/songwriter with the Only Ones and all-round romantic poet, genius-in-exile, is back. Domino are releasing his first ever solo album, How The West Was Won on June 30th 2017.

Here is the beautiful video for the title track, which I would venture is up there with the very best of his work.  With echoes of Dylan and Lou Reed still, its deadpan humour and languid melody is classic Perrett.  Backed by his sons, the supremely talented Jamie on lead guitar and Peter Jnr on bass its every bit as good as the Only Ones.  Just sit back and enjoy.  If you remember Peter’s song ‘Shivers’….then that is exactly what you’ll get.

Yep, that is quite a song, “railing against American imperialism and celebrity culture” indeed.  Perrett has always been a fan of Fidel Castro  “Just the mention of his name gives me shivers” as well as “the curvaceous rear-view of women”.  It will be interesting to see if the BBC will deem the song broadcastable with its references to dirty bombs and whether the tabloids and Guardianistas will make a meal of a song which calls Kim Kardashian ‘just a bum’.

Personally, as a long time Perrett follower it is just a perfect encapsulation of his inimitable style; it sounds the same in essence as the songs he wrote in the early 70’s with Englands Glory, the ‘Remains’ period Only Ones and the under-rated work with Jay Price and the One.

When I spoke to Peter after a gig at the Joiners back in 1995 (when his son Jamie was about 12 and learning guitar) he said something to the effect of;

“He thinks all great guitar players have to have the initials JP; ( John Perry, Jimmy Page, Jay Price) so he is convinced he is gonna be one”.

Well, just listen to his playing on ‘How The West Was Won’.  He has come of age.

It’s great to have Peter Perrett back out of hibernation.  The greatest living English romantic songwriter, the Homme Fatale, back in the saddle!


The Full Domino press release with details of the album is here.  Pre-order the album from here.

Peter Perretts new official facebook page is here 


All words by Ged Babey ( writing like an over-excited fanboy)

Portrait by Steve Gullick

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  1. This the Legend Peter Perrett ..never mixes his words , says it how it is , and that’s all we need …. fantastic write up on a fantastic Musician and family


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